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Written 2 reviews

Published on
25.05.2022 15:19:29 UTC


A gem in a haystack

10-50 hours played







Medashooter is a quick side scroller shooter game with rogue-like elements built into it, making every run unique. Surprisingly, this mini-game from Cryptomeda is enjoyable to play and doesn't require much of my time per run.

If you've ever played classic games like Contra, Double Dragon, and the likes, getting into Medashooter is a no-brainer and it actually gives me a bit of nostalgia every time I dive for a quick run!

The rogue-like element of this game mainly comes from the random perks you can gain by collecting 5 tokens or coins which dead enemies randomly drop. The perks can either be offensive or defensive, like boosting your attack speed, invulnerability, or panic attack, just to name a few! As you progress, random weapon powerups sometimes spawn on the ground waiting to be picked up and empower the player for a limited time.

Medashooter can be played with or without NFTs from Cryptomeda. I sometimes play a run NFT naked and it's hard but still enjoyable and satisfying! There are 2 types of NFTs you can use for MedeShooter and how to acquire them.

1. NFT Characters
- Buy from Cryptomeda's Marketplace or NFTrade.
- Stake/Farm to have a chance to win one in the weekly lottery.

NFT Characters have 3 random stats generated upon minting.
Security - Anonymity - Innovation

The Revolution card is a very unique NFT with a limited supply (only 20 pcs)
And this type of card gives additional advantages over the regular NFT characters.

2. NFT Weapons
- Buy from Cryptomeda's Marketplace or NFTrade.
- Try to enter the top 50 in the tournaments.

Below is the list of NFT Weapons you and their description

There are currently 4 types of range and 4 types of melee weapons that can spawn.
Range Weapon
1. Underdog Meda-gun - Shotgun type with 3 projectiles spread.
2. Adapters Repeater - Mini-gun type with limited range.
3. Sandcrawler - Sniper type with auto-aim feature.
4. Viper - Automatic rifle type.

Melee Weapon (close quarter combat that grants additional skill buff)
1. Tactician's Claymore - Enemies disarmed / medium movement speed.
2. Ryoshi's Katana - Reflects projectiles / high movement speed / high attack rate.
3. Blessed blade - Reflects bullet / high dodge /
4. Assasin blade - Absorbs projectile / very high damage

These NFTs will transform how you play Medashooter in such a way that it is very satisfying! Staking and Farming also grant you an additional advantage when playing, such as the shield skill and an extra perk you can choose at the beginning.

The play-to-earn aspect of Medashooter is based on tournaments that the team host twice a month. The current prizes to be won are for players that get into the top 50 during the qualifying phase and the top 12 players will fight their way out via streaming a single game in Cryptomeda's discord channel and whoever gets the #1 spot will win the coveted Revolution Card! The top 11 players won't go home empty-handed, prizes include legendary, rare, common lands, NFT characters, and weapons!

Most think that owning a powerful NFT like a revolution card will guarantee the top spot! But this is not true for MedaShooter, the first winner of their tournament owns a normal NFT and a sniper weapon with decent-high stats. This just proves that playing ability plays a very big role in Medashooter.

Medashooter is a mini-game that will have a direct relationship with Cryptomeda's upcoming game MedaWars! The NFT weapons and characters you use in Shooter can also be used in Medwars! It will also unlock crafting and weapon upgrading and more features, this means that NFTs gained in Cryptomeda will have multiple uses and utilities across their whole platform, partners, and games which makes it unique and very exciting!

So what are you waiting for? Jump into Cryptomeda's website and start blasting your way up to the top!

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