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Meda Wars

Meda Wars

Strategy, Adventure


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Meda Wars is a mobile play-to-earn, turn-based strategy game with its cryptocurrency, TECH, and NFTs that utilizes the Polygon network. The game takes place in the Cryptomeda universe, where the Meda Shooter game is also set. The fact that both games take place in the same universe and use the same cryptocurrency ensures that the games are interconnected in terms of the in-game world and economy.

Gameplay & Token Information

In the game, players will have the freedom to choose their faction based on their preferences. They can choose to be a member of Goliath or Renegade and join the war effort to protect or conquer territories. To engage in faction clashes, players will have to engage in missions. Upon selecting a mission, players will enter the battlefield to face their rival faction opponents.

Goliath is a faction of order and strict laws. Members of Goliath are transparent, all of their shares must be divided equally between their comrades. They work towards having a stable and safe community. They know that greed is dangerous, nature and technology should work together to bring peace and prosperity to all in Cryptomeda. They stand together and fall together if that’s the case.

Renegades are individuals who believe in power and natural selection. The weak and incapable ones should step aside and let the strongest prosper. They plunder and hunt the weaker ones by using their strength. They are not the biggest fans of politics and think conflicts are better than politics. They also battle among themselves very often, even so, sometimes they forget unity is needed for a better and brighter future. They were born from conflict, and now they are true to their nature.

Thanks to the characters’ special weapons, each character will be unique and different from other characters; each character will be equipped with two weapons according to their abilities and initiative. To be able to counter the enemy attack, players have to strategize their moves and weapon abilities on the battlefield since characters will be able to use limited abilities per turn. Upon defeating the enemy, players will be rewarded with MedaGas, an in-game utility token. MedaGas can be purchased with TECH tokens, and it can only be spent in-game. MedaGas, TECH, NFTs, weapons scraps, and resources can be earned by playing and winning PvE combat, participating in leaderboards, faction battles, and quests.

In Meda Wars, players will be able to buy their NFT lands. On these lands, they will be able to use the resource generator mines. Each territory that factions will fight over in the game will have its own set of mines for players to use. These mines will generate different kinds of resources for factions and players to use for their strategic needs. Players will also be able to send their NFT characters to the mines to speed up resource generation. 

In addition to these, players can experience Meda Shooter on Cryptomeda's official website right now. Meda Shooter is a browser-based shooter game set in the Cryptomeda universe, just like Meda Wars. When players rank high on the leaderboard, they can win various prizes and gain familiarity with the Cryptomeda universe.

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IDO (Seedify)24-25 Aug 2021$0.014 $280,000.00 20,000,00050% at TGE & 50% 1 month later1,000,000,000
Private Sale-$0.012 $2,160,000.00 180,000,00010% on TGE + 7 months linear vesting
Seed -$0.008 $320,000.00 40,000,00012 months linear vesting


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