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Meeb Master (MEEB)

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Meeb Master is a Polygon network-based real-time PvP blockchain game where players can earn MEEB tokens by competing in turn-based battles. Players can collect, fuse, or trade Meebs, the NFT alien creatures, in Meeb Master.


Players, as Meeb trainers, can tame and train wild Meebs to make them more powerful and valuable. Each Meeb has a set of skills, attributes, and roles that indicates its statistics both in-game and out-game. Meebs’ possession of various types of statistics makes them stronger and increases the chance of winning a battle. 

Meeb Master centers around four different gameplay features; PvP, fusion, and AFK (away-from-keyboard). To be faced with other players, every player receives 18 tickets per day and burns one ticket per battle. Players can arrange their Meeb teams according to their elemental attributes and battle formations. With only three Meebs in each team, the strategic arrangement is important to be victorious in battles against other players. Each PvP battle consists of many rounds, and each round is divided into turns. The turns of attacking Meebs will be determined by their speed statistic. If two Meebs have the same speed value, the order of turns will be automatically chosen at the beginning of each turn. 

Players can fuse two Meebs to create a new Meeb with better statistics. The fusion process, however, will destroy the fused Meebs and will require MEEB tokens as a fusion gas fee. The newly created Meeb will take its parents’ body parts and combine a new and unique look. There is also a small chance that the new Meeb will get new body parts that are completely different from its parents. 

The away-from-keyboard feature lets players earn even when they are away from the game. To use this in-game feature, players need to choose 3 Meebs to place in the AFK Chamber. In the Chamber, one Meeb will be the main, and the other two will be boosters. Players can also use the automatic setup function to choose the Meebs automatically according to their statistics.

Token Information

Players can use the MEEB token for different purposes: they can stake their tokens to earn more MEEB tokens and purchase Meebs. Meebs can only be purchased by using MEEB tokens.

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