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Strategy, Simulation


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MegaCryptoPolis is a play-to-earn multiplayer city-building strategy blockchain game where players can own NFT assets and earn MEGA tokens on the Ethereum network. The game allows players to collectively build a city, rent buildings, and offer services. MegaCryptoPolis is available to play on browsers.


MegaCryptoPolis offers different types of game assets such as land plots, buildings, citizens, pets, cars, appliances, packs, and districts. Players are able to build and own these assets to earn influence points. Influence points define how effective and successful a player is. They also determine how much funds a player receives. Every key action in the game generates taxes that the players need to pay. The amount of taxes to be paid is determined by the district owners, this allows each district to have its own policy on which actions are going to be performed on its territory.

Players can choose to play however they like. They can produce NFT materials such as bricks, wood, stones, or resources like electricity or water for other players, construct buildings for themselves and rent them, collect taxes from others, make generations of citizens by appointing them to buildings, trade their properties at the marketplace, or even govern an entire district.

Land plots are the core assets of the game, as everything is built on the land. When a land plot is bought, the price of the surrounding twenty-four blocks within a seven-by-seven radius is raised. Resources and materials can be extracted, buildings can be built, and services can be offered from a land plot. There are many different buildings that the players can manage. Buildings are categorized into ten different classes; residential, office, commercial, municipal, industrial, production, energy, points of interest, public transport, and high-level buildings. Every type of building has a condition bar that depletes every production cycle. Players need to pay upkeep costs to keep their buildings healthy and efficient.

Token Information

MEGA tokens can be earned by depositing materials such as wood, sand, metal, and stone into the vault and vice versa. Players are able to gain MEGA tokens by playing the game and exchanging resources for tokens. They are also a form of collected taxes if the players are governing a district.


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