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MekaApes is a blockchain-based strategy and collecting game that utilizes the Ethereum network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrencies OG and DMT. The game is a part of the OogaVerse and uses an extension of the OogaVerse collection as its playable NFT characters. 


The game revolves around evolving, combining, and leveling up Robo Oogas and MekaApes. Robo Oogas is a new species that MekaApes created by using metal on a planet they discovered while searching for new resources in the cosmos. This new specie is an industrious breed, and they have built industrial facilities throughout their planet. The main product that they’ve been producing is the OG. In the game, players can craft, breed, and collect Robo Oogas and MekaApes, whilst making a profit by producing OOGEAR (OG). 

To produce OG tokens, Robo Oogas has to be staked in the Factory. Since Robo Oogas are known for their craftsmanship and not for fighting skills, they rely on MekaApes to defend the Factory. In MekaApes, players who own MekaApes and guard the Factory get a share of all OG produced by Robo Oogas.

Players can use DMT (Dark Matter) to level up Robo Oogas. Robo Oogas are Scrap Scouts by default when they are first crafted. From that point, they can be leveled up to Garbage Compactor, Factory Worker, and lastly, Executive Bot. Scrap Scouts can only produce 1000 OG tokens per day, while Garbage Compactors can produce 1250 OG tokens. Factory Workers can produce up to 1500 OG tokens, and Executive Bots can go high as 2000 OG tokens per day. Aside from producing more OG tokens, leveled up Robo Oogas can decrease the risk of OG getting stolen from the Factory, or decrease the unstaking time by 25%. 

Token Information

MekaApes uses two different cryptocurrencies, DMT, and OG. The DMT token is an exclusive token for Genesis Ooga holders, they can automatically generate the DMT tokens passively. With the DMT token, players can purchase Robo Oogas to produce OG tokens. The OG token, on the other hand, can be earned from the Factory by staking Robo Oogas and MekaApes. Players can buy, upgrade, breed, and craft Robo Oogas by using OG tokens. 

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