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Menya Dragon Ramen

Menya Dragon Ramen

Digital Entertainment Asset


$0.00161 $0.00161 (-2.36%)
Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) 0xcaf5...6e48b18
Solana BgwQjV...vikeVuZ
Fantom 0x8dFD...ddb8f59
Polygon 0xd0ee...c7e7887
Avalanche C-Chain 0xD4d0...C5614C1




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Menya Dragon Ramen is a blockchain-based RPG on the Ethereum blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, DEAP and GOKU. The game combines elements of an RPG and a ramen sales simulation. In this game, players can conquer dungeons using easy auto-battle to obtain ingredients and then use those ingredients to create and sell ramen, earning sales in the cryptocurrency DEAPcoin.


Menya Dragon Ramen is a game that combines elements of an RPG and a ramen sales simulation. In this game, players can conquer dungeons using easy auto-battle to obtain ingredients and then use those ingredients to create and sell ramen, earning sales in the cryptocurrency DEAPcoin.

One of the key features of Menya Dragon Ramen is the use of NFTs as "employees" that can help players defeat strong monsters and obtain rare ingredients. These NFTs can be purchased using DEAPcoin, and they provide a significant advantage in the game, allowing players to progress faster and earn more sales.

Players can form a party of up to five employees to challenge dungeons, and battles proceed automatically, so formation is key. Players must discover the best party formation to collect rare ingredients and progress through the game. Additionally, employees have unique skills that activate during battle, providing players with a large variety of options to choose from.

The ingredients collected from dungeons can be used to create ramen dishes with various effects, such as increasing sales or providing bonuses to players. Players can aim to expand their profits by cooking ramen with the strongest effects or most fitting to customer needs.

Another feature of the game is the succession system, which allows players to use two employees to create one new employee. The new NFT will randomly inherit the skills of the two NFTs chosen, providing players with the opportunity to create truly unique employees. However, this process requires DEAPcoin and non-NFT employees cannot be used for succession.

Ramen cooking is another important aspect of the game. Players can create ramen dishes using ingredients obtained from dungeons, and by selling their ramen, they can earn Goku coins and DEAPbill as the DEAP Reward. Through the work of their shop, players can earn DEAPbill according to the cumulative score of ramen sold within the month. The requirements for earning DEAPbill and the number of DEAPbill that can be earned change each month, adding an additional layer of challenge to the game.

To play and earn in the game, players must first acquire ingredients by conquering dungeons through easy auto-battle. Then, they can use those ingredients to cook ramen dishes with various effects. The sales of the ramen will depend on the parameters and combinations of ingredients used, so players must strategize and experiment to find the best combinations for maximum sales.

Token Information

DEAPcoin (DEP) is the utility token that was created to reward users for participating in the free-to-play PlayMining platform. The token can be used to purchase NFTs on the PlayMining NFT Marketplace and to pay for planned services on the PlayMining platform such as buying virtual goods and lands. In the game, players can earn DEP by participating in the DEP Staking program on the PlayMining NFT marketplace. Additionally, there is an in-game currency called GOKU coin that can be used to make off-chain transactions within the game. This currency can be used to purchase items and other in-game assets. DEP, however, is the main currency used in the game, and is the currency that is earned through gameplay and can be used to purchase NFTs and other items on the PlayMining platform.


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IEO (OKX Jumpstart)7 Apr — 7 Apr 2020 $0.0025  $2.000.000 800.000.000
Private Sale1 Aug — Aug 2019 $0.005 

6 months after listing (will be released once every month over 1 year)


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