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Yoplant Labs
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MeStar is a blockchain metaverse game that uses an NFT creation tool to form a voxel sandbox, which is developed by Yoplant Labs using the Unity3D game engine. The game allows players to play, create, and build together in the Blocky Metaverse. MeStar supports NFT creation, token trading, landscape settings, and Metaverse management. The game is available on PC.


In MeStar, players can build their desired scene using three-dimensional blocks in a voxel sandbox game. The game also offers an NFT creation tool embedded in the game, which allows players to cast their creations into NFTs on a blockchain.

Players can select an object or shape from a game map and save it as a blueprint item. The item can be applied and placed on other coordinates multiple times and can be modified in Edit Mode. These items can also be cast into an NFT on a blockchain, allowing players to sell their creations on an NFT marketplace such as OpenSea or Looksrare.

MeStar also features a task platform where players can complete tasks set by the game and earn NFT rewards. The platform supports third-party verification on Discord, Twitter, and YouTube, as well as the MeStar application. Third-party developers will also be supported, and verifications will be available on their platforms.

The game also allows players to import MeStar NFTs collected from other players, recreate the original drawing, and cast it into a new NFT to trade on an NFT marketplace.

In the future, land NFTs will be available, and players can build up blueprints that can be uploaded to the cloud as NFTs. The PFP collection of Mia, which has been in development for some time, will also be available to import into MeStar as in-game avatars.

MeStar also allows players to open and manage their business worlds (private servers) on the platform based on the MeStar World NFTs. The voxel sandbox game client is designed to ensure the best user experience, with improved scene rendering and collision interaction.

MeStar is a game where players can experience various multiplayer game worlds, such as an ice and snow kingdom or Bed War. The game is designed to allow players to explore the charm of the Metaverse through NFT creation, token trading, landscape settings, and Metaverse management.

Token Information

The game features PFP NFTs that serve as avatars for the players. Mia is the default 3D female avatar, while Milo is the male counterpart. They are a part of the PFP collection set, which features NFTs that are based on 48 traits that are chosen randomly.


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