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Meta Keeper
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Meta Keeper is a play-to-earn blockchain adventure game where players can own NFT characters and earn MKP tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players can participate in different missions and game modes inside the game world with their characters. The game can be accessed through browsers.


Meta Keeper allows players to own NFT characters called the Keepers. Players can choose one of the six types that each differs in playstyle; wizard, archer, fighter, knight, ranger, or rogue. Every keeper has basic attributes such as health, power, defense, speed, traits, and experience. Traits are assigned randomly, and they can be one of the three elements that stand for a stat; fire for power, water for defense, and grass for speed. A keeper’s basic attributes are determined by their rarities, which can range from common to rare, epic, legend, and myth.

Players can earn experience for their keepers by partaking in missions, consuming experience scrolls, and completing bounties. Experience allows keepers to level up. Taking damage in missions also grants characters experience points. Players have to pay a certain number of MKP tokens to advance their keeper to the next level. The cost of leveling up varies for each rarity.

If a player wants to own the strongest keeper in the game, they can choose to recruit a golden keeper. Golden keepers have an enormous health pool and better stats than regular keepers. However, they can not recover health points by consuming potions. To recruit golden keepers, players need to sacrifice one regular keeper and a high number of tokens to the golden temple. The recruitment process is chance-based, and the success rates are higher if the keeper chosen is a rare one. If the process fails, the keeper the player has chosen is burnt.

Aside from keepers, players can have pet partners that will accompany their keepers during exploration missions. These missions are events that feature different kinds of enemies that the players can send their keepers to complete. There are six types of maps that are advantageous for different types of keepers: grassland, dungeon, mine, desert, snowfield, and volcano. Each map has a certain number of enemy types, such as soldiers, captains, generals, and demons. Players can assign up to fifteen keepers on exploration missions. Missions grant keepers experience points and deplete their health. In order to recover their health, players can send keepers to the tavern.

Players are able to fight against the World Devil if they would like a harder challenge. The World Devil acts as a raid boss that the players can enter with fifteen keepers. In order to enter the arena, players must pay a fee. Players are awarded in-game rewards and tokens if they manage to defeat the World Devil.

Token Information

MKP tokens can be used to buy NFT keepers and keeper chests from the marketplace. They can be earned through participating in exploration missions and World Devil events. They also act as governance tokens that allow voting and can be staked for further profits.

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