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In Development
MetaClash Team
MMO, Action
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MetaClash: Digital Avatars of Destruction is a free-to-play, play-and-earn massively multiplayer online blockchain vehicular combat game where players can own NFT vehicles and earn PCORE tokens. They can customize their combat vehicles, use their PFP avatars, battle in multiple game modes, and interact in the play-and-earn metaverse. Player-established factions can vote on propositions that dictate the development and progression of their establishments as they battle for dominance.


In Metaclash, the players start in the garage lobby, where they have complete customizability to select from an array of vehicle parts – categorized under six main categories: plasma energy core, chassis, mobility, main weapon, melee weapon, and sub weapon – to construct their ultimate D.A.D. combat vehicle. All of these vehicle parts can be obtained by winning in-game loot boxes and purchasing them either from the in-game shop or a secondary marketplace.

The plasma core supplies energy to the vehicle, the chassis provides health points, mobility determines the speed and acceleration of the D.A.D., and the three weapons are the main damage sources for the player. Each vehicle part has a rarity (common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and mythical). These are grouped into three major factions inspired by cyberpunk, steampunk, and dystopian designs. Every vehicle can be offensive, defensive, or support, and each has its own set of abilities.

Players who play as F2P gamers will experience the game differently than those who purchase NFTs. F2P gamers will start with common primary vehicle parts, but with the right skills and determination, they can attain more substantial vehicle parts as they grind.

There are two initial game modes to choose from: Team Deathmatch and Escort the Cargo. In Team Deathmatch mode, the team with the most kills wins. For those who seek greater competitiveness, Escort the Cargo game mode packs a stronger punch with additional objectives to complete while adding those kills to your title. Two teams of five players must attack and defend an objective and complete different side missions.

Aside from these two primary game modes, there are also weekly faction wars where players can compete to represent their faction and win prizes. Within each battle, collaboration, strategy, vehicle part selection, and player skills are the key points that lay the foundation for victory or defeat. Victors will climb up the leaderboard, win loot boxes along the way, and at the end of the season, win attractive rewards based on a bonding curve and percentile range method. 

Token Information

Power Core (PCORE) is MetaClash’s utility token and functions as the primary governance token for stakeholders. Holding this token will grant governance voting power and influence the future direction of the game. PCORE can be earned from winning battles, staking, and community events and can be used to purchase NFTs and in-game transactions. ION functions as MetaClash’s in-game currency. Although it has no monetary value in the real world, it can also be used for in-game transactions.

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IDO-$0.00075$1,150,0001,533,333,33310% at TGE, 15% months 1-6
IDO (TrustPad)-$0.00075$200,000266,666,66710% at TGE, 15% months 1-6

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Seed 2-$0.00020$800,0004,000,000,0004% at TGE, 6% at 1 month, 1.5% months 2-19

Seed-$0.00030$900,0003,000,000,0004% at TGE, 6% at 1 month, 1.5% months 2-19


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