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MetaGear is a play-to-earn blockchain-based robot battler action game that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, GEAR. Players follow the footsteps of Tom, a little kid who admires robots in the game. He loves to craft robots like his father and joins a tournament to win his first victory. 


The game revolves around combining different NFT parts and creating the most powerful machine possible to destroy opponents. Players can combine components such as chassis, weapons, gadgets, and wheels. Each part has different rarity levels and attributes that affect the gameplay directly. Each common, rare, mythical, and legendary part plays a huge role in the general combination. For example, the chassis is the machine's body, affecting the physical impact mechanism and the performance of other parts mounted on the chassis. Each chassis has stats such as HP (health point), mass, nationality, energy, level, and rarity. Mass defines the weight of the chassis; if it is heavier than the opponent’s chassis, it can push the opponent into the wall. Nationality gives a specific bonus to that particular machine part. There are eight different nations in the game, and these nations can be crucial since they can provide substantial general buffs to players when they create a machine with the same nation part each. Energy determines the capacity of a chassis; more energy means more slots for gadgets, weapons, etc. The level of a part indicates its general power.

Players can equip their chassis with melee and ranged weapons. Melee weapons can only cause damage when colliding with the opponent’s machine. Ranged weapons don’t need to do that since they can cause damage from afar. Choosing a weapon is crucial because it directly affects the gameplay strategy of a player. Each NFT weapon comes with stats such as attack power, nationality, energy, type of weapon, level, and rarity. Attack power is the damage output of a weapon; the weapon should have the same amount of energy to be equipped by the chassis. A weapon can be light, medium, or heavy, and its kind affects the weapon's ammunition.

The gadgets are the unique ability NFTs that a chassis can equip. They offer different types of abilities such as speed up (Booster), move backward (Backpedal), push back opponent (Repulse), flip-up opponent (Forklift), HP recover (First-aid kit), lift the opponent (Lifter), and drag the opponent (Harpoon). Each gadget also has HP, nationality, energy, level, and rarity stats. 

The NFT wheels give additional HP to a machine. Generally, a larger wheel has higher HP stats than the smaller ones. Wheels also have different stats such as HP, nationality, size, mass, friction, motor speed, bounciness, level, and rarity. Size is the type of wheel, and it can be very small, small, medium, big, or very big. Friction and motor speed determine the speed of the wheels; therefore, the machine itself. A bouncy wheel can bounce against the ground more often, indicating a machine's stability.

MetaGear offers five different types of game modes to its players: quick fight, campaign, tournament, practice mode, and guild building. Players can fight with random players of the same strength in quick fight mode. Players can examine their opponents before a fight to see their machines’ features and choose to fight or flee. Campaign mode in MetaGear serves to the determination of a player's place on the leaderboard. In this mode, players are assigned to a table of fifteen opponents and expected to fight against them. Each win means 1 point, and a loss is 0. Players are placed on the leaderboard depending on their performances in these fights. They can win various rewards according to their places. The most significant difference between tournaments and the campaign mode is their duration, number of participants, and prizes. Tournaments take place every week, with different groups with participants of up to 50. Since they have more participants, players can earn much more rewards from tournaments. In fact, the first tournament’s prize pool was 40.000 BUSD. Practice mode is basically a mode that allows players to try out different NFTs. Players can build different sets of machine parts to play against a dummy machine without limitations. Lastly, guild building brings players closer to each other and lets them form their own communities. Guildmates can complete tasks to contribute resources, increase their guild rank, and retrieve various rewards depending on their contribution to the effort. 

Token Information

MetaGear uses the GEAR token as its official governance cryptocurrency. The GEAR token can be used for staking, farming, and as a rewarding cryptocurrency for different types of game modes. Players can use GEAR tokens to buy or rent NFT assets from the marketplace and for governance purposes.

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IDO (Poolz)18-18 Jan 2022$0.027 $125,000.00 4,629,63025% at TGE; 25% at 3rd, 5th and 7th months1,000,000,000Market cap: $432,000$27,000,000.00 
IDO (Krystal GO)18-18 Jan 2022$0.027 $100,000.00 3,703,70425% at TGE; 25% at 3rd, 5th and 7th months
Circulating Supply: 16,000,000
IDO (BullPerks)17-17 Jan 2022$0.027 $150,000.00 5,555,55525% at TGE; 25% at 3rd, 5th and 7th months

Private-$0.02 $2,000,000.00 100,000,0008% at TGE

Seed-$0.016 $800,000.00 50,000,0006% at TGE


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