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MetaGods is a blockchain-based play-to-earn MMORPG game that utilizes the BNB network with its NFT aspects and cryptocurrencies, MGOD and RELIC. In MetaGods, players can earn NFT loot and token rewards with their friends by exploring dungeons and slaying mythical monsters.


MetaGods is a play-to-earn 8-bit Action NFT RPG built on the blockchain, where players play as a demigod, and embark on the Path of Ascension to becoming a true god, exploring vast dungeons and battling monsters and powerful deities. MetaGods has a player-owned economy where players can own, buy, sell, and trade utility-driven NFTs and in-game resources they earn in the game. 

Players need to make an initial purchase of an NFT character before they can start playing the game. After they acquired their character, they can begin playing two game modes of MetaGods: Hardcore Mode and Casual Mode. There are 35 dungeons in the MetaGods gamespace, a boss like Zeus, Poseidon, or Medusa rules over each one. Each dungeon belongs to one of the four regions of Mortal World, Heaven, Hell, and Whirlpool. In Hardcore Mode, players can choose any dungeon to play in, to kill all monsters and the dungeon's Boss.

Each dungeon has a different degree of difficulty. Greater rewards are offered by higher-level dungeons. Players have the option of playing single or forming guilds and working as a group to complete dungeon quests.

Hardcore Mode has a unique feature called NFT Permadeath. If a player’s character dies in the dungeon, that character will be locked out indefinitely and cannot be used for a certain period. MetaGods, by integrating permadeath mechanics, create NFT scarcity, ensuring that the rarest and highest-tiered character NFTs that are owned by the player is truly the strongest. Players can stake their character NFTs in Dungeon missions to earn rewards passively. However, there is a built-in NFT Mission Staking Failure Rate, which means there is a small chance that the mission will fail.

In Casual, Mode players can stake their character NFTs in dungeon missions to earn rewards passively. However, there is a built-in NFT Mission Staking Failure Rate, which means there is a small chance that the mission will fail. If the mission fails, all RELIC rewards that would be granted to the player are instead distributed amongst the LAND owners within that dungeon. If the player succeeds in their quest, the dungeon owners will also get a small part of the reward. Allowing for both the NFT land owner and the player to earn at the same time.

Players begin their journey in the town of Ambrosia. They can stake MGOD tokens in farms to earn tokens from the game or other projects. They can reroll their NFT characters' stats in the tavern in exchange for tokens. They can also use MGOD and RELIC to forge powerful weapons in the blacksmith or even sacrifice their lower-tier NFTs in the sacrificial pool to gain additional tokens.

The game’s NFTs are characters that are generative art NFTs that also function as players’ avatars and profile pictures in the game. After purchasing, every character is randomly assigned a rarity tier out of six tiers of rarity. Higher-tier characters are stronger and more valuable, hence the chance of acquiring them is lower. Tier 6 characters are the strongest and rarest. All characters also have their class, base stats, and attributes, as well as equipment, with classes ranging from melee fighter to necromancer who summons allies into the fight. 

The 35 dungeons in the entire realm of MetaGods are divided into 3,500 plots of LAND in the ecosystem. By owning LAND in a dungeon, players also have ownership of the Boss within that dungeon. Any other players who perished in that dungeon will have their item NFTs dropped and will be rewarded to the LAND owners of that dungeon which can be upgraded or sold at the secondary market for RELIC. This way, players can monetize the NPCs, practically fighting against other fighters who venture into their dungeon. 

Token Information

MetaGods utilizes a dual token economy. MGOD is the utility token of the game, it can be used to stake on the MetaGods DApp to earn rewards over time. As a governance token, holders can participate in governance decisions in the form of DAO. The token is a Medium of exchange in marketplace transactions and can be used to mint generative art NFTs or purchase LAND. Lastly, as an entry fee to enter special Dungeon raids, PvP tournaments, or other exclusive events. RELIC is an uncapped utility token to be used only in in-game purchases of items and consumables.


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