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Metalands is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain survival shooter action game where players can own NFT weapons and items while earning CIFI tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. The game has management and strategy elements integrated into its gameplay, as well as elements from multiplayer battle royale and deathmatch modes. Metalands is available on the PC.


Metalands has both PvE and PvP gameplay aspects. The main PvE gameplay features the player taking the role of a bunker manager, whose main goal is to protect the bunker and its citizens. Players can explore the open world in order to gather resources, develop and upgrade the bunker, and train citizens to form an army. The main goal is to survive and protect the bunker, which acts as a central hub where the players can customize with different cosmetic items. 

Each player's bunker is an NFT that lives on the blockchain. Players can host events, invite friends for multiplayer gameplay, trade items, craft new items, and monetize their experience in the bunker. Players can craft NFT items from the bunker workshop. These items can range from decorative items, weapons, outfits, and loot chests. Each of these has different rarities, and they can be withdrawn, staked, gifted, or traded on the secondary marketplace. 

The PvP elements, on the other hand, are integrated into this gameplay loop where the players can stumble upon each other and form alliances by helping one another. These alliances can grow into tribes, which is the clan system of Metalands. This allows players to speed up and ease their progression, making them stronger. Players can go on contracts that make them enter multiplayer 5v5 fights or even participate in tribe wars that are large-scale battle-royales. 

There are two in-game currencies; xMETA and META. xMETA can be used mainly in the store to purchase items, while META is used for crafting and upgrading. However, these currencies are not blockchain tokens. The main blockchain token of Metalands is CIFI.

Token Information

CIFI token acts as an in-game currency and can be used to mint the reward pass, buy the seasonal battle pass, loot boxes, and NFT items. It is also used in alliance creation and NFT trading. It can be staked for further profits.


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