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Studio 369
Action, RPG
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MetalCore is a blockchain-based free-to-play mecha and action game on the Ethereum blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, MTP and FAB. It is a multiplayer, first/third-person shooter game set in an open-world sandbox on an alien planet called Kerberos where players can battle and win cryptocurrency rewards.


In MetalCore, players engage in large-scale battles using mechs, tanks, and jets, fighting for dominance among three powerful factions: Metal Punks, Gearbreakers, and The Holy Corporation (Holy Corp). In the game, everything from the land, garages, and exclusive gear to the war machines, pilots, and in-game currencies, is an NFT on the blockchain and owned by the players.

The game starts with players gaining experience as ground troopers against PvE enemies in the game’s open-world sandbox. Through play, players can earn in-game rewards. Once players have reached Level 4, they can then enter Faction Wars, which are PvP battles, to gain control of pieces on the world map. Players can choose to join one of three factions: Metal Punks, Gearbreakers, or The Holy Corporation. Once a player joins a faction, they gain bonuses when their faction wins a battle against another faction. Each faction also grants passive bonuses. Players can earn in-game rewards and level up through PvE combat and PvP faction wars. 

During Faction War combat, players can call in war machines to gain the upper hand. War machines (mechs, tanks, jets, and scouts) possess special abilities that support their intended roles on the battlefield. These abilities include jump jets, afterburners, optical stealth, and barrage fire, among others, and they are shared across War Machines of the same class. By joining fights and winning battles, players earn a greater variety of vehicles to customize and level up. As players level up, they gain more access to game systems like the garage, where they keep and maintain their vehicles. The garage acts as a central hub for vehicle use and rental by other players.

Players also have the option to join in-game guilds called "baronies." Baronies allows players to team up to take on PvE challenges or participate as a squad in the Faction War. The Barony System works like a guild or clan system, with ranks, leaders, dues, and rewards.

Faction War is the large-scale conflict between the three major factions on the planet Kerberos, where players fight for control and influence over the planet. Players can also invest time and resources in one of the three factions available in PVP to pursue rank and reputation. Players join a faction and engage in a series of connected zone-based PvP battles in an attempt to control as much of the open world as possible before the mode timer ends. Each segment of the open-world map is a potential battle zone for the faction war, with each zone able to accommodate up to 100 players.

In this mode, traditional FPS multiplayer game modes such as base defense, domination, and deathmatch are combined into one game mode in the Battle Zones. The ultimate goal is to control the most tactical points for a specified amount of time, destroy the enemy base, defeat all enemy units, or deplete the enemy's respawn points. Each battle zone has the same rules for victory but varies in layout. Players have a limited number of lives when entering the Battle Zones, and once their lives have expired, players will leave the zone and new players will cycle in.

Tactical points in the game include respawn points, repair zones, recharge and reload stations, and more, which are not only helpful in winning a match but may offer bonuses like boosted radar, healing, or quicker reloads. The vehicles in the game take damage, with different types of vehicles taking more or less damage than others. If a vehicle is destroyed, players can bail out and engage the enemy as infantry or catch a ride in other specified vehicles. Damaged vehicles can move away from battle and visit a repair zone to be repaired, or players can call on engineers to repair them. Some vehicles, units, or infantry have special abilities to repair vehicles.

When players die outside of a vehicle, they are more vulnerable to attack, and their weapons do very little damage to combat vehicles. They must wait for a short duration and then choose a respawn point on the map to rejoin the battle. Players can capture new respawn points to spawn closer to battle or respawn at a deployed FOB vehicle. After a player's lives are expended, they are disconnected from the Battle Zone and need to re-queue to rejoin the battle.

In MetalCore, players collect and own NFT characters that provide unique bonuses to their vehicle, such as NFTs in the form of battle mechs, armored fighting vehicles, aircraft, and pilots. These characters can be used in battle, rented out, or traded with other players. Players also fully own all in-game vehicles, including mechanized combat walkers, armored fighting vehicles, VTOL gunships, fighter jets, and bombers, and can use them on the same battlefield.

In addition to vehicles, players can also stake their claim on land, build up empires, and earn rewards. The game also offers extensive customization options for vehicles, including skins, decals, and interiors. All vehicles are upgradeable and customizable.

Token Information

In MetalCore, there are two types of in-game currencies: MGT and FAB. MGT is the game’s governance token. The main purpose of this token is to be used for the governance of the game. It can be used to vote on important decisions and changes to the DAO. It can be earned from PvP rewards and through staking.

FAB is the game’s utility token, with an infinite total supply. This token is used to purchase and customize in-game items such as aircraft, gunships, fighter jets, and bombers, and to acquire war machines, characters, and land. It can also be used to upgrade NFTs and participate in other in-game activities. It can be earned through PvP, PvE, and other in-game achievement rewards. It can be used to purchase items and participate in activities in the game.


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