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RPG, Action, Metaverse
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Metamon is a play-to-earn blockchain metaverse where players can own NFT creatures called metamons while earning MON tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players can collect metamons in their metadex and participate in multiplayer game modes. The game is available on the PC platform.


In Metamon, there are six major factions in the Mon System; Andronia, Krey, Volkor, Iyos, Crimson, and Nuro. They each occupy a part of the galaxy and can participate in objectives that can sway the galactic federation towards good or evil. Before the start of every three-month season, players can choose their faction which is based on the humanoid characters they have collected. Faction performances are monitored and players who have contributed the most will be displayed on the faction leaderboards. 

Every player wields a gauntlet device that is equipped with a rare crystal called Forma. The gauntlet allows them to capture metamons and evolve them. In order to use a certain metamon, players can transform themselves into it. The Forma gauntlet is also equipped with a shield generator that helps players defend themselves in combat. They are composed of a base body, nano module, armor, AI chip, evolution drive, Forma crystal, Forma transmitter, and phaser. Gauntlets are compound NFTs that can be customized with various parts that affect the player's different attributes like movement speed or energy capacity.

Metamons come in different rarities such as; common, uncommon, rare, ultra-rare, legendary, and mythical. They have different types of elemental affinities which make them unique; fire, water, plant, electric, flying, telekinetic, magma, and earth. Metamons can be captured and earned as in-game loot. They are rewarded for completing certain challenges in the battle royale mode.

The battle royale mode is entered by selecting three metamons. Players spawn on a map as humanoid characters and they can transform into one of the three selected metamons. Players can scavenge the map for loot and find rare metamons and items. The aim is to be the last man standing on the map. The top three players that survive until the end can win their loot in the end.

Token Information

MON token acts as a governance token that allows voting and it can be earned through being in the top three players in the battle royale mode or being one of the top ten players in the faction leaderboards. It is used to level up metamons and player characters and can be used to buy new NFT items from the marketplace.


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