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In Development
MetaOasis Efun Studio
MMO, Strategy, Metaverse
Not available


MetaOasis is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain metaverse where players can own NFT characters and earn MTOS and ASA tokens on the Avalanche network. The game is a massively multiplayer experience where players can engage in different game modes in order to immerse themselves in the metaverse. It is available on PC and mobile devices.


MetaOasis features different game modes within its ecosystem. The main universe that encapsulates all the modes is called Project: CH (Celestial Heaven). The ultimate goal of every player in the Celestial Heaven is to gain access to the Oasis. Players can start the game without buying any items whatsoever. NFT items that are bought can be transferred into the game using the game’s website. Players will have to gather resources like common minerals, gases, and fuels in order to build their fortresses and advance in the game. Players can encounter two types of resources in the galaxy; non-tradable and tradable. Tradable resources are rare and can be exchanged for ASA tokens on the market. 

Players can take the role of space commanders and have their own fleets and fortresses. They can trade and fight within the galaxy and compete against each other. Additionally, players can become gatherers that collect rare resources, or they can become producers that craft combat NFTs or fighters that battle in wormholes and acquire loot and sell them in the marketplace. Aside from the main Celestial Heaven online game, there are other small game modes that the players can participate in. 

Embassy-Planet serves as a financial center that connects all players to partners and backers of the game. Each building will have the sponsor's logo and information about the brand. It is an online museum where players can explore and learn about the game.

Strayed is a third-person puzzle game where players are tasked with solving how they ended up on a certain planet. Players wake up on an unknown planet and can find clues to find out where they are.

Forerunner is another puzzle game where players are tasked with finding rare resources. They can explore a stargate left by an unknown civilization and discover new planets. Newfound planets can be inhabited by the players and colonized.

Light Chaser is an Unreal Engine-powered single-player space combat game that allows players to fly and participate in dogfights against enemies while also collecting energy and resources.

Token Information

MTOS token is the native currency of MetaOasis that acts as a governance token and allows voting. Players can buy in-game NFTs such as equipment and land and also purchase microtransactions like skins. ASA token is the in-game play-to-earn currency that is equal to USDT. Players can exchange ASA tokens at any time.


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