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MG Labs Ltd
Simulation, Action


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MetaShooter is a play-to-earn FPS hunting action game that utilizes the Polygon blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, MHUNT. In MetaShooter players can engage in realistic hunting in open-world environments to earn rewards and monetize their gains.


MetaShooter’s main gameplay revolves around hunt-and-earn in a simulated real-life environment with realistic graphics. Players can be hunters and buy various equipment to hunt animals and participate in various hunting-related activities. 

To play the game, the player first must purchase NFT assets such as hunting guns or hunting land on which to build their business and host activities. And before they can begin hunting they need to purchase a hunting license for the appropriate animal season. New hunting seasons will begin every 2-3 months. So all players must wait for specific animals to hunt. If a player hunts down an animal that is not on the season list they will be fined just like in real life.

The core gameplay aspect of MetaShooter is hunting to receive NFT rewards such as NFT animal trophies of the player hunted and MHUNT tokens. There are three different types of hunting in which players can participate, requiring different NFT guns and items. These are Herbivore Hunting, Carnivore Hunting, and Bird Hunting

Players can hunt under different types and weather conditions such as day or night, stormy, rainy, or normal weather. Because hunting zones are less crowded during stormy or nighttime conditions, the hunter's chances of catching a rare animal increase. In addition hand, the hunter will need to purchase better equipment, such as scopes and thermal optics. If the hunter attempts to hunt with inappropriate equipment for a specific animal, not only will their chances of success decrease, but if the animal spots the hunter, it may attack and damage their equipment. One of the best NFT animal trophies will be in the deeper forests, so the hunter will need to purchase NFT vehicles to travel longer distances and overcome the harsh terrain.

In MetaShooter players can participate in tournaments and multiplayer hunting with the addition of VR headsets. These multiplayer and tournaments can be played in solo to 5 man squads as well. They can buy and upgrade hunting equipment and customize their hunters. Acquiring different guns with different calibers and specialties to bring down different animals for trophies. They can also buy hunting lands, build towers, breed NFT dogs, and earn passive income by staking their MHUNT trophies or NFTs.

Players will earn MHUNT token rewards based on animal rarity. They can also use hunted NFTs to make baits, fodder, and appearance and sell them to others. In addition, players can complete missions/challenges and earn rewards, as well as compete in tournaments for prize money.

Token Information

The MHUNT token is the main utility token of the game that can be traded on the Polygon blockchain. It can be used in NFT trades, purchases, or donations, and will provide users with significantly lower transaction fees in the game’s marketplace. All NFT purchases, sales, generation, listing, donations, rewards, and DAO will be held in the MHUNT token. The game also allows other payments using different methods which will automatically convert into MHUNT tokens when the transaction is complete.


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IDO (BSCPad)21-21 Apr 2022$0.13$285,0002,192,30710% at TGE, no cliff, 15% unlock each month
95,000,000Market cap: $703,000$16,150,000
IDO (GameZone)21-21 Apr 2022$0.13$285,0002,192,30710% at TGE, no cliff, 15% unlock each month

Circulating Supply: 5,500,000
IEO ( Startup)20-21 Apr 2022$0.17$100,000588,23510% at TGE, no cliff, 15% unlock each month

IEO21-21 Apr 2022$0.17$165,000950,000100% at TGE

Private (Babylons)21-21 Apr 2022$0.085$50,000588,23510% at TGE, no cliff, 10% unlock each month

Private (BSCPad)21-21 Apr 2022$0.085$50,000$588,23510% at TGE, no cliff, 10% unlock each month

Private (Paid Network)18-18 Apr$0.085$200,0002,352,94110% at TGE, no cliff, 10% unlock each month

Private (GameZone)21-21 Apr 2022$0.085$50,000588,23510% at TGE, no cliff, 10% unlock each month

Private (Starter)18-18 Apr 2022$0.085$50,000588,23510% at TGE, no cliff, 10% unlock each month

Private (Kommunitas)16-16 Apr 2022$0,085$50,000588,23510% at TGE, no cliff, 10% unlock each month


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