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Metaspets is a blockchain-based play-and-earn idle RPG game that utilizes the BSC network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, MSP. In MetaSpets, players grow and care for their pets and lead them into battles against challenging AI and human opponents to win valuable resources and crypto tokens.


In MetaSpets, players play as the animals created by now cryo sleeping humans as the last Children of Men. Waking up in a strange new world, players must now find their pet companions left behind by their ancestors, then set out to explore and rebuild the world anew.

The world of MetaSPets has more than 60 different kinds of pets possessing various skills and talents accompanying players for survival. To own Pets, players can buy eggs from the in-game shop. There are two kinds of eggs: normal and golden, that give different kinds of super pets with rarities and faction allegiances. Players grow and battle their pets to advance in the game and later on win unique NFT items with different rarity levels as they start to beat events and other human players.

These pets have their skills depending on their kinds and Gifted Traits from birth that affects their endurance to their intelligence, changing how they resist different kinds of attacks. Players’ pets also need to rest to regain energy to participate in battles and eat different types of food, such as carnivorous pets preferring meat or herbivores preferring vegetables to keep up their offensive and defensive capabilities.

Players then can earn or buy Meta-Souls from the game's marketplace or reward for their battles. They can use these to upgrade their pets to make them stronger, fight better, earn more rewards from their battles and develop strategies to gain an edge on their human opponents.

MetaSpets have four different game modes with a play and earn model:

PvE is known as Hunting. Where the player will organize hunts, battling feral pets in the wild appearing randomly on the World Map. These hunts will bring them tokens and perhaps other valuable items.

Boss raids happen weekly and net the players with much higher and more valuable crypto and item rewards.

PvP will challenge players' understanding of their Pets to be victorious. Victories will increase players' ranking on the leaderboard. Each player will be rewarded with prizes appropriate to their rankings.

And lastly Guild Wars, With a fee, players can create a guild and become its leader, recruit other players to complete missions and contribute to the Guild's overall strength. Guild Leaders will have unique abilities to manage their Guilds. Guild members will do daily quests and participate in battles to increase contribution points. These points can be used to level up the guild and unlock special item stores and bosses.

MetaSpets also have one last mini-game mode known as Pet Race. A racing game with the element of luck in which the player needs to pick one among 3 Super Pets. They will run to the destination and randomly meet the obstacles on their way to reach the goal. Those who choose the winning pets will take MSP tokens from the other two teams with much higher and faster rewards than the usual game modes.

The game also offers land rentals, in which lands can be claimed in weekly auctions with advertisement boards to be used in-game, and fighting in these lands will offer higher rewards and better eggs that players can earn.

In MetaSpets, eggs are the only NFTs that are tradable, and they could have a different level of rarities as mentioned above, they also can be bred by crossing different animals to acquire desired traits from the two respective parent pets and higher strength. Meta Souls and other items can also be sold on the marketplace for MSP.

Token Information

MetaSpets uses MSP on Binance Smart Blockchain as its utility token. Currently, there are no options for voting on DAO for the in-game developments. MSP can be used for staking, to exchange on the crypto market, or buy in-game items, eggs and land rent.


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IDO (GameFi)22-27 Apr 2022$0.045 $180,000.00 4,000,00020% at TGE, then 16% monthly500,000,000Market cap: $1,053,000$22,500,000.00
Private-$0.025 $1,000,000.00 40,000,0006% at TGE, 2 months cliff, then 5% monthly
Circulating Supply: 23,400,000


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