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Metaverse Miner

Metaverse Miner

Metaverse Games


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Metaverse Miner is a play-to-earn sci-fi-themed simulation NFT game focused on mining different planets and stars to earn to game's token META. It can be played on both mobile and PC as it is a web browser game.

Gameplay & Token Information

In Metaverse Miner, players can choose to become one of the two roles; Star Master or Star Lord. To become a Star Master, players need to participate in the auctions of the planet NFTs and purchase a planet territory. The territory comes with a certain number of Miner NFTs, and the Planet NFT will keep generating Miner NFTs over time. Miner NFTs are the assets that players use to mine and earn META tokens. If players miss the opportunity to purchase a Planet NFT from the auction, they can buy from secondary markets or become a Star Lord instead. Star Lords are defined as players who don't own a planet territory but own one or more Miner NFTs. They can choose to operate their miners on any planet, but they will have to pay fees to the planet's owner by doing so. %5 of the META token gained by mining goes to the Star Master. Therefore in order to increase earnings Star Masters need to attract Star Lords to their planets. There are more benefits of being a Star Master in terms of earnings than Star Lords, but the initial investment is also more significant. 

Mining with a Miner NFT requires energy, and this is bought by spending USDT. Players need to fill their energies before operating a miner. After the player has staked the Miner NFT to a planet, they will have a passive income of META tokens. 

If players do not opt to buy any Planet NFT or Miner NFTs, they can lease a Star Master's mine and operate it to earn income. 

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PRVthe private round portion is unlocked in 5 tranches: 50% at launch, 20% at 3rd month, 15% at 6th month, 10% at 9th month, and 5% at 12th month. Except for the first unlocked 50% which can be circulated, the remaining 4 tranches of unlocked $META tokens can only be used to participate in the Planet NFT auction.21,000,000


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