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MetaWars is a blockchain-based multiplayer strategy and RPG that utilizes the BSC network with its NFTS and cryptocurrency, WARS. In the game, players venture into deep space, explore the universe, and battle to win in-game rewards to make a profit finally.


Every obtainable item in the game is an NFT asset, which means they are unique assets that can be bought, sold, or traded by players on the in-game marketplace. To experience the game, players must own NFT ships and robots. After purchasing these assets, players can try different aspects of the game, such as; exploration, fleet formation, combat, and acquiring terrain.

Players can embark on a journey of discovery to explore the universe. The galaxy of MetaWars is big and constantly evolving and changing from the collective actions of every player. Players can explore different planets to find resources and rewards. 

In the game, players can purchase the explored planets to use as their bases of operations. By purchasing a planet, players will be able to gain rights to resource collection and other economic advantages. Players who buy terrain on a planet have a chance to become the primary owner of the entire planet.

In MetaWars, players have an opportunity to customize their fleet of spaceships and robots. Modular design allows players the ability to transform each ship to suit a specific role. Robots and ships can be acquired from the marketplace, as well as lotteries and auctions. 

The MetaWars universe is a vast and dangerous place. Therefore, players can join the fight for fame and rewards in PvP and PvE modes. Both modes can make players earn WARS tokens as a success reward.

Token Information

The game uses the WARS token as its native cryptocurrency. Players can stake, earn, and trade WARS tokens. The primary purpose of these tokens is to boost the in-game economy, be used as a tool to reward players, and at the end of the day, allow players to play the game and earn income. The NFT assets of MetaWars can be purchased by WARS tokens. 

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