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Midgard Clash is a blockchain game where players clear dungeons using various cards, earning Yggdrasil (YGD) tokens along the way. Players can clear dungeons and earn Yggdrasil tokens by playing with iconic and well-known figures of the Midgard Realm, like Thor, Loki, Odin, Heimdallr, and such.


The main goal of the game is to earn Yggdrasil tokens by clearing the dungeons in-real time. Players can optimize their dungeon experience by selecting their weapons (maximum three weapons for one dungeon), characters, and the duration of the dungeon as they see fit. Character and weapon selection determines the number of attack powers that a player would get in every dungeon clearing session. Also, the duration of the dungeon can change the outcome of the rewards at the end of a dungeon: players earn fewer tokens when they set the dungeon duration for 6 hours while earning much more if they set their duration to 24 hours. Players have to wait to claim their YGD tokens for the duration of the dungeon.

Players can withdraw their tokens from the game to their wallets if they want to, but only when they have 3000 or more YGD tokens. However, Midgard Clash encourages players to keep their tokens in the game wallet as long as possible by rewarding players with “Reduce Waiting Time” reward tokens. If players keep 5000 tokens in their game accounts, they will be rewarded with an extra 10% of their tokens, if they keep 10000 tokens in their game accounts, they will be rewarded with an extra 20% of their tokens.

In the Midgard Clash, there are five different iconic weapons for five different god or semi-god characters at the moment. Each of these cards also has five different versions: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and ownership. Ownership cards are the best in-game cards with better attack and defense bonuses on weapons, while they also give different kinds of bonuses to the characters, such as reducing time in the dungeon, increasing income from a dungeon, or both at the same time. 

Token Information

Yggdrasil token is the utility token of the game, which is supported by WAX and Anchor networks. The token will be used to upgrade character NFT cards and participate in some special events in the future.

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Midgard Clash

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