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Million on Mars

Million on Mars

Million on Mars
Strategy, MMO
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Million on Mars is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain massively multiplayer online strategy game where players can own NFT characters and lands while earning DUSK and GLITTER tokens on the WAX and Solana networks. The game allows players to develop their land and scavenge resources. Million on Mars is available on the PC platform.


Million on Mars has different main elements to its core gameplay. Players can take on various jobs and find their place in the game’s world. Workers are newcomers to Million on Mars who have purchased an access pack and are embarking on a career on Mars. Workers can earn DUSK tokens by scavenging or performing work orders. On the other hand, land owners are the established players on Mars who are developing their land plots with buildings to harvest and transform the resources of Mars.

To purchase a plot of land in the game, players must first obtain a land deed or a land pack. They are sold in the marketplace in exchange for DUSK tokens. Land packs include one land voucher and five common building blueprints. The land vouchers have varying rarities that affect the quality of the land.

The game features twenty-four different core buildings, ranging from solar panels, water filters, smelters, reactors, and cantinas to tea shops. Each structure has its own set of recipes that consume resources and generate valuable materials to help the game’s economy. Most recipes require stamina to produce the desired results.

The energy required to perform actions is represented as stamina. To replenish their stamina, players can consume food, rations, coffee, and other consumables. Landowners can produce food through a rewarding crafting chain that consumes solar energy, water, seeds, regolith, waste, and soil.

Resources can range from simple soil to a rover chassis, and recipes have a huge variety when it comes to finding different resources; there are hundreds of recipes, with more being added every week. Players can purchase raw materials, crafted resources, and finished goods to trade with other players or directly using GLITTER, DUSK, or event tokens from the marketplace.

Token Information

GLITTER token is in limited supply, and it’s the main governance token that retain and increase in value in order to fund the game. DUSK token, however, serves as an in-game unit of trade. It is used for most transactions between players in the general marketplace. Land owners are the main source of DUSK, they must actively spend DUSK in order to manage their lands. GLITTER is also consumed in-game, but it is used in the marketplace for higher-value, lower-frequency purchases.


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