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Millionwinner is a play-to-earn puzzle game that utilizes the BNB blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, MWT. Players will be able to answer and earn through the Millionwinner’s quizzes and monetize their rewards.


Millionwinner defines itself as a quiz-to-earn game. The game has four gameplay modes: Daily Challenge Mode against AI, PVP Mode, Millionaire Show Quiz Competition, and quizzes with special rule sets. 

Users need to own NFTs to unlock the associated game modes. NFTs are composed of appearance, attribute, level, and rarity, which will directly affect the income and value of the character NFT. Users can also freely mint NFTs by completing various tasks.

In the daily challenge mode, users can answer certain rounds of questions based on their energy. There are 3 questions in a round, and each question has a time limit of 10 seconds. By winning these rounds players are rewarded the in-game currency of Knowledge token. In PvP users will randomly match opponents to compete in answering questions. A certain amount of Knowledge tokens are needed to be staked in order to play in PvP, this of course results in higher rewards for the winner. The quiz competitions are basically the tournaments of the game with prize pools, players get access to it by spending Knowledge tokens and winners earn huge rewards compared to other game modes.

Players need to own NFTs in order to play, these NFTs come in the form of characters and are buyable in the game’s marketplace. They have different attributes such as stamina, luck, and intelligence which affect how many questions they can answer in a day, and higher rewards for answering correctly. Players can also buy or earn prop cards which give different bonuses when answering questions such as prolonging the answering time and more.

Token Information

MWT is the governance token of the game with various uses. It can be staked in LPs, upgrading and minting NFTs, can be used in the governance of DAO, and to attain certain Millionwinner ranks for higher rewards. The main utility token is the Knowledge token, Knowledge Token can be exchanged for MWT weekly. Knowledge token can be used in-game to restore the brain power of character NFTs to play more and buy tickets to join PvP matches and tournaments.

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