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Mini Miners

Mini Miners

Seascape Network


$0.40837 $0.40837 (-11.24%)
Binance Smart Chain (BEP20) 0xbcf3...f2bfcbd
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Mini Miners is a free-to-play, play-to-earn blockchain-based strategy game on the BNB with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, CWS and GOLD. Mini Miners is a resource management strategy game with clicker mechanics that allows players to collect resources in the most efficient way possible to earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards.


The game is available to both crypto enthusiasts and traditional gamers, and there is no financial barrier to playing the game. All that is required is a crypto wallet to log in, collect resources, and upgrade miners to earn real rewards, as the game is free-to-play.

To start playing Mini Miners, a new player needs to log in to the game website and register first by entering their username, email, and password. After successful registration, they can enter the game and create their first miner by clicking the "MINERS" button at the top of the page and the "HOUSE" icon that appears below. They can then send their miner to mine at one of the three available mines: gold, ore, or mushroom. When the miner is exhausted, they need to send him back to the "Tavern" and feed him mushrooms.

Players can level up miners to improve mine efficiency and obtain more resources. They can do this by going to the "Workshop" building, where they will see that mining skills are divided into 5 attributes: gold, ore, mushrooms, resistance, and luck. Each level requires a different amount of ore resources, and the higher the level, the more ore is required.

The main resource in Mini Miners is gold, which can be exchanged for crowns (CWS). Players can use CWS to purchase diamond packs in the in-game marketplace. The NFT in the game refers to my NFT, which has 5 qualities, from common to legendary. Mine NFTs have a boost on mining output. If the player can get a common mine, they will obtain five times more gold.

Players can use diamonds to hire a manager to automate miner automation efforts for efficient resource gathering. In Mini Miners, players can purchase resource packs and diamond packs via USDT and CWS, which can unlock new pets and other gameplay. When mining the gold mine, there is a certain probability of obtaining special items, which have extra bonuses and can help players obtain more in-game resources. If a player obtains a mine NFT, they can import it in the game to get multiple gold. When gold has accumulated to a certain amount, players can trade it for CWS in the "Treasure" section. 

Token Information

The tokenomics of Mini Miners revolve around two main tokens: gold and crowns (CWS). GOLD is the main resource in the game that players can collect by sending their miners to different mines: gold, ores, and mushrooms. Players can use GOLD to buy various items in the in-game marketplace and trade them for CWS. Crowns (CWS) is the pillar token of Seascape Network, the platform that hosts Mini Miners. CWS is an ERC-20 token that can be traded on various cryptocurrency exchanges. Players can purchase diamond packs in the in-game marketplace using CWS. These packs contain various items and pets that can help players in their mining efforts. Players can also trade GOLD for CWS in the "treasure" section of the game. The exchange rate is determined by the market demand for CWS. Additionally, there is a mine NFT sale that offers mine NFTs with different qualities ranging from common to legendary. These mine NFTs provide a boost to mining output and can be imported into the game to increase the amount of GOLD earned. The sale of these mine NFTs is conducted using CWS, and players who participate in the sale may potentially earn a greater amount of GOLD and other in-game rewards. 


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Seascape Crowns IDO (DAO Maker)25 Jan — 27 Jan 2021 $1.00 $ 60,000.00 60,000

$0.680 $272,000.00 400,00020% unlock at day 0, with remaining monthly vesting at 10% for 8 months10,000,000

$0.800 $432,000.00 540,00025% unlock at day 0, with remaining monthly vesting at 15% for 5 months10,000,000


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