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Mini Royale: Nations

Mini Royale: Nations

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Mini Royale: Nations is a free-to-play first-person shooter (FPS) browser blockchain game that immerses players in fast-paced PvP battles. Players can level up through intense combat, collect unique Heroes and Weapons via the Battle Pass, and complete various Challenges and Contracts. By unlocking high rarity Heroes in the Fusion Lab and participating in Clan Wars, players can earn exclusive skins, SOL, and other rewards. Launched in December 2021, Mini Royale: Nations holds the distinction of being the first live multiplayer shooter game on the Solana blockchain.


Mini Royale: Nations offers an action-packed experience with 3-minute matches accommodating up to 9 players in modes like Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag, with additional game modes, including PvE, planned for future updates. The game features seasonal content updates, introducing new maps, Battle Passes, Hero and Weapon collections, as well as fresh Challenges and Contracts every few months. Notably, players do not require an NFT, wallet, or even an account to start playing, although mintable Hero and Weapon skins can be unlocked for free.

Clan Wars are a central aspect of the gameplay, requiring clans to collaborate on Raids and game item staking to earn points. These points determine their position on the Clan Wars Tiered Leaderboard, with top clans winning prizes such as SOL, Item Shards, Battle Pass Points, Butter, and more. Clan Wars rotate weekly through different types: Raid-Focused, Staking-Focused, Combo, and World Domination. During Raids, clans complete mission checklists to earn Military points, with specific skins providing boosts if used. Staking certain boosted skins grants Economic points, which can be crucial in some Clan Wars. In World Domination, clans engage in a turn-based strategy mode, building and defending cities while attacking enemy cities to alter leaderboard standings. Players can join a clan at level 3 or create their own at level 10. Clan membership is essential for contributing points in Clan Wars, with a mandatory 7-day membership period before participation.

To get started, players can visit to join a match. Skins can be purchased from the Mini Royale: Nations Premium and Loot Collections on Magic Eden. For the latest updates, players can join the Mini Royale: Nations Discord server for weekly Q&A calls, game updates, leaks, contests, holder chats, and other major announcements.

Token Information

Mini Royale: Nations features an economy where all skins can be minted and traded on open marketplaces like Magic Eden. Players collect pieces of Heroes and Weapons through various game mechanics such as Battle Pass, Clan Wars, Challenges, and Contracts. The game includes two types of skins: Premium skins and Loot skins, each available in Uncommon, Rare, Epic, or Legendary rarities.

Premium skins, obtainable through the Premium Samurai Drop and Fusion, offer benefits like Battle Pass Boosts, unlocking Premium Contracts (which award Premium Item Shards and Butter), boosting Economic Base Points when staked in Clan Wars, and providing Raid & Staking Boosts in Clan Wars. Loot skins, unlocked through Battle Pass, Challenges, and Clan Wars, also offer Raid & Staking Boosts once minted. Butter is an off-chain currency essential for Fusion, purchasing City Shields and Uranium in World Domination, and unlocking Item Shards in the Big Shot shooting range.

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