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MIR4 is a play-to-earn massively multiplayer online role-playing free-to-play blockchain game where players can own NFT assets and earn DRACO and HYDRA tokens on the Wemix Network. Players can create their own character and be one of the five classes offered in a vast open world. MIR4 utilizes the Unreal Engine 4 to create a truly immersive game world. The game is cross-platform, and it is available to play on mobile, PC, and Mac platforms. Players can access the game from the game’s website or Steam.


MIR4 features four different branches of growth that support the player’s character; hunting, mining, gathering, and meditating. Players can participate in hunting to gain experience and valuable crafting materials by defeating enemy monsters. Similar materials such as ores can be obtained by mining. They can gather herbs and plants that provide materials to increase their constitution rank. Lastly, meditating increases the inner force and skills of a character.

There are five character classes that the players can specialize in; warrior, sorcerer, taoist, lancer, and arbalist. Warriors are melee sword fighters who can wield greatswords and wear heavy armor. Sorcerers are magic users who can use elements to deal damage to the enemies using their staff. Taoists use a combination of spells and swordsmanship to defeat their opponents. Lancers use spears and can deal damage to large amounts of enemies. Arbalists are ranged hunters that use an arbalest to stay clear from the heated combat.

MIR4 has a free loot system where every player can gather the loot even if they haven’t participated in receiving it. Players don’t need to be the ones who defeated the monster carrying the loot. Special loot have a thirty-second protection time which can be surpassed if one wants to claim the loot by fighting. Players can form strategic alliances to claim and protect their loot.

Newly created characters aren’t initially related to the blockchain network. Players need to play a certain amount of time for their characters to be eligible to become NFTs. Once players reach level 60 and 100.000 power score with a character, they can be tokenized and minted as NFTs. NFT characters can be traded, purchased, or sold through the online marketplace. NFT characters need to be sealed to be eligible for transactions.

Hidden Valley and Castle Siege are two main PvP events that are held regularly in-game. Hidden Valley can be captured by factions to earn darksteel and income rewards from the territory. Castle Siege is a massive clan battle where one side defends its castle while the other tries to overthrow the rulers.

Token Information

Players can earn darksteel material and smelt them into DRACO tokens in-game. This process requires a fee. DRACO is used throughout all transactions involving in-game NFT assets. HYDRA tokens are a refined version of DRACO that can be obtained by combining DRACOs and septaria material. HYDRA is primarily used for interaction with other games in the ecosystem on the WEMIX platform.

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