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Mirandus is a play-to-earn massively multiplayer role-playing blockchain game where players can own NFT assets and earn MTRM tokens on the Ethereum network. The game is tied to the Gala Games ecosystem. Players are free to explore the world with their avatars. Mirandus is available on Windows and Mac systems.


Mirandus allows players to have total control over how they play the game. There are no maps or quest givers to direct players. They can explore the game realm free of restrictions. There are five great citadels throughout the world, players can choose to join one of the monarchs and serve as a knight, or even set up shop and be a merchant. The most valuable substance in Mirandus is called Materium; a source of magic power. 

Materium can exist in different forms, such as an infused ore in solid state, a craftable potion in liquid form, or flowing in the realm's air in gas form. It allows players to use its power to cast spells, craft valuable items, restores vitality, and raise a slain hero from the dead. It can increase the strength, speed, endurance, and other attributes of a character while also healing them.

Players can purchase exemplars, deeds, buildings, ships, and docks. Exemplars are prestigious avatars that have special abilities. These abilities allow them to surpass regular characters in certain actions. Exemplars range in races such as elves, halflings, orcs, dwarves, and humans. Other than owning an elite NFT avatar, players can own lands that are called deeds. Deeds allow the players to control what buildings the land has. Each deed owner gets a share of profits from the goods and services made on the land. Buildings that a deed can vary from archeries, armories, bakeries, barns, breweries, camps, butcheries, and many more. 

Aside from regular buildings, docks provide players a place to anchor their NFT ships. Docks have different sizes and can hold ships according to their size. The larger vessels like the Cog, Carrack, and Caravel need bigger ports, while the smaller ships such as Picard, Crayer, and the Hog can fit into most ports.

Token Information

MTRM tokens can be earned by playing Mirandus and exploring its vast world. It is used for casting spells, healing and reviving heroes, crafting items and potions, and as currency. It can also be traded in secondary markets.


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