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Monkey Empire

Monkey Empire

Milkyway Games
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Monkey Empire is an MMO-RTS blockchain game developed by Milkyway Games with Unreal Engine 4. As the name suggests, Monkey Empire is about managing monkeys to build a monkey empire. To build the monkey empire, players have to collect resources, build up a city, invest in technological advancements, raise an army of monkeys, and conquer other monkey settlements to loot their valuable resources. 


In the world of Monkey Empire, players can improve their empires’ production facilities to get more resources, train the best monkey troops for their army, form guilds with their friends or allies to benefit from each other and create marketplaces that let them interact with the blockchain network to sell or buy valuable resources or blueprints for their empire.

In-game NFTs such as blueprints (BPs) which can be created by the Monkey Research Center, can be bought, sold, or traded on marketplaces. Blueprints can be used by players as a special weapon for specific monkey soldiers, an ability to spy on the opponent’s empire, or create unique and powerful ammunition against the enemy. 

Token Information

The most valuable resource in the game is the MonkeyCoin, which is the native token of the game. The only way for players to mine MonkeyCoin is to have a MonkeyCoin Mine in their cities. Players can upgrade and make their MonkeyCoin Mines more efficient and profitable by spending resources. Monkey Research Center will be giving one blueprint per day to players for them to upgrade their mines with a chance of being a rare blueprint.


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