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Monster Galaxy

Monster Galaxy

Monster Galaxy
Action, Adventure


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Monster Galaxy is a play-to-earn blockchain action adventure game where players can own NFT monsters and earn GGM tokens. The game features NFT monsters that the players can catch, battle, and trade. Players are able to form teams with their monsters and participate in different game modes. The game is available on PC and mobile platforms.


Monster Galaxy’s NFT monsters are called Moga. Each Moga is assigned a class, which should be considered while preparing for the battle. Tank Moga have higher hit points and defense, allowing them to be most effective in the front row. They can easily absorb damage in this position, protecting the Moga behind them. Healer Moga, on the other hand, are better suited to the middle and back rows due to their high attack and low HP. Because most enemies prioritize attacking the front row, lower-health Moga will be more likely to survive if placed further back. Moga have both single target and area of attack skills; choosing the proper formation in battle can increase a player’s team’s survival rate.

Water, fire, air, light, dark, and anima are the six elements that are affiliated with Moga. Every Moga has an elemental affinity that dictates how they interact with allies and enemies in combat. Each affinity has an advantage and a penalty against one another. For instance, a water element Moga have the upper hand against a Fire element one.

The game allows players to catch, battle, and trade unique NFT Moga in various PvE and PvP game modes. These game modes that the players can participate in are called quest mode, challenge mode, instance mode, daily dungeon, capture dungeon, and endless trial.

In Quest Mode, players can accept and complete story-driven quests without spending energy and will encounter increasingly difficult enemies as they progress through the game. Challenge Mode, on the other hand, invites players to battle other players, and their level progress will affect the rewards they receive. Instance Mode offers players the opportunity to face off against special boss-level monsters, which can be captured and collected through shards. These bosses are available on a rotating schedule, and players will need to have sufficient combat power and resources to defeat them. The Daily Dungeon, Capture Dungeon, and Endless Trial also offer players different challenges and rewards, such as experience points, crystals, growth materials, and the chance of capturing monsters. 

Token Information

GGM token is the native token of Monster Galaxy that allows players to earn and trade in-game assets like monster NFTs in the marketplace. Progressing in different game modes and earning achievements by completing objectives earns the player GGM tokens. GGM tokens can also be staked for further profits.

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Public sale

Monster Galaxy IEO (Bybit)18 Jan — 18 Jan 2022$0.025 $250,000.00 10,000,000100% unlock on TGE

IDO (TrustPad)16 Jan — 16 Jan 2022$0.025 $100,000.00 4,000,000100% unlock on TGE

IDO (Enjinstarter)15 Jan — 15 Jan 2022$0.025 $100,000.00 4,000,000100% unlock on TGE




PRIVATE (TrustPad)16 Jan — 16 Jan 2022$0.02 $100,000.00 5,000,0005% TGE, 1 month cliff, 3-24 monthly vesting


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