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MonsterBuds is a play-to-earn blockchain metaverse where players can own and breed NFT monsters and earn DANK tokens on the Ethereum network. The game features its own marketplace which eliminates any gas fees. It is available to play on browsers that can access the game's website.


In MonsterBuds, players are able to own monsters called buds that are divided into three species; sativas, indicas, and hybrids. Each bud has master characteristics such as the THC amount, CBD amount, and a master color. They can have eight general characteristics which are indicated by colors; happy (orange), energetic (red), euphoric (yellow), sleepy (grey), anxious (purple), relaxed (blue), focused (pink), and aroused (green). Every characteristic is factored into each bud's tolerance score.

The smoke session is a game mode where players can participate with three buds. Players can borrow buds if they do not have the required amount. It is a card-based game mode where buds smoke and try to stay conscious. This is limited by their tolerance bar, the team that loses their tolerance and passes out, loses the game. There are card types which include hit, reverse, block, power up, steal, combo, second wind, and the ripper. The ripper is an instant-lose card that defeats the player when drawn unless the player has a second wind to block it. The gas mask is a defense card while the take a hit honey card is a consumable that boosts a bud’s high. Aside from this game mode, players can smoke any buds they see. This acts as a like button and the top three smoked buds and the top three smokers are displayed on the MonsterBuds smoke board.

Buds feature seven different body parts and an accessory slot that determines their appearances; top, head, face, torso, arms, legs, wings, and accessories. Owning two buds opens up the option for breeding. Every bud can be bred two times, and each breeding process has a cooldown period of 420 hours. Breeding process requires a payment and a gas fee. New buds can inherit characteristics and body parts from their parents. Players can also send breeding requests to others.

Token Information

DANK is the utility token of the game. It can be earned from smoke session games by using buds. First-generation buds also earn players DANK tokens through their growth cycles. DANK tokens can be used in the marketplace to buy buds and their accessories as well as power the breeding process of buds.

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