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Moonscape is a play-to-earn blockchain strategy and space exploration game where players can own NFT cities and earn MSCP tokens on the Polkadot network chain. Players can explore a futuristic moon and start building their own towns in Moonscape. The game is being developed by Bitpunch Games for PC and mobile platforms.


Moonscape allows players to explore, build, and engage with the landscape. The game takes place on a distant moon, where the players can start their adventure. Players can build their town from the ground up. In order to start developing cities and making progress, players need to collect resources, plunder enemy cities, attack alien species, and team up with other players.

There are four types of resources; rocket juice, yield stones, decentralite, and cryptonium. Players can either attack a rival city and steal a certain percent of the resources they have or mine resources they find in the world of Moonscape. In order to mine resources, players need to have mining machines. Mining machines can only mine one resource at a time, so the players need to have multiple machines in order to successfully mine and explore the map. The game provides the players with one free mining machine.

Players can build a foundation for their cities when they are ready. The foundations have several slots to build different buildings, such as the asset mill, the transaction square, the capital forge, the power plant, the esource corp, the industry inc, the refinery, and the construction complex. Each building has two features; one for DeFi elements like LP staking and the other for in-game benefits such as rover researching.

Rovers are NFT vehicles that are used to explore and engage in combat with enemies. They can be upgraded through research, which requires resources and currency. Players need to have a powerful rover in order to succeed. Aliens appear in random parts of the map as the players explore. Players will automatically engage in turn-based combat, which features a timed mini-game that needs to be completed in order to attack. The same mini-game is also used when sieging other cities.

Token Information

MSCP tokens are used to obtain Moondust, the premium in-game currency of the game. It is used to complete research that upgrades rovers and buildings. Moondust can be staked in-game for further profits, and it can be swapped for MSCP tokens from the exchange.


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IDO (Lighthouse)23-24 Nov 2021$0.000125 $50,000.00 400,000,000Allocation by Lighthouse Tier1,111,111,111
Private-$0.0001 $15,000.00 150,000,00010-month Lockup
Strategic-$0.0001 $10,000.00 100,000,0005-month Lockup


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