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Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Moonsta’s Revenge

Moonsta's Revenge (MTR)

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Moonsta’s Revenge is a play-to-earn blockchain role-playing game where players can earn MRT tokens and own NFT items on the Binance Smart Chain network. Players can own creatures and fight against heroes to gain rewards. Creatures can be trained and bred. The game is available to play on both PC and mobile platforms.


Moonsta’s Revenge allows players to mint creatures called Moonstas. Players can obtain an egg to hatch a Moonsta. Eggs have star ratings which determine their outcome rates and chances. Moonstas come in different star ratings that vary from one to five stars. Each Moonsta has an element. There are fire, metal, wood, earth, and water elements that affect Moonsta’s power and win rates. Moonsta’s can be common, epic, legendary, and mythic. Mythic level creatures can only be born from transformations and the breeding process.

Players have to pick one of their Moonstas to participate in battles. They can view their win rate and potential rewards before entering a battle. Battles take place against heroes which have a power rate and an elemental affinity that rotates every thirty minutes. Once players choose a main Moonsta, a support Moonsta, and a hero, they can proceed with the battle and see the outcome. Players can battle for twenty turns each day. More turns can be purchased with MTR tokens. Each fight costs ten stamina points for each Moonsta, and an additional ten for supporting Moonstas. Every creature has a maximum of forty stamina points. Winning grants creatures experience points and reward MTR tokens.

Moonsta’s can be equipped with weapons and runes. Weapons increase attack power and also have elements attached to them. There are two types of runes for different purposes. Protection runes protect creatures from being burned when a transform fails while the luck runes increase the success rates of transformations. Players can receive an additional buff if they are VIP members. To become a VIP member, they need to stake a certain amount of MTR.

Same star Moonsta’s can be merged and transformed into a higher tiered one. As players try to merge higher rarity Moonsta’s, the success rate of transformations decreases, and the MTR fees increase. Moonsta’s can also go through a breeding process. Two-level three or higher Moonsta’s can be paired and bred. The newborn creature will inherit the element and the rarity of its parents.

Token Information

MRT token is the main reward for each win in the battle mode. It can be used to buy eggs, to get consumable items, and be used in the transformation and breeding processes. It can also be staked for further profits and benefits to become a VIP member of the game.

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Moonsta’s Revenge

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