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MotoGP Ignition

MotoGP Ignition

Animoca Brands
Racing, Sports


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MotoGP Ignition is a play-to-earn blockchain-based racing management and collectibles game that utilizes the Flow network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, REVV. The game will be included in the REVV Motorsport ecosystem, therefore, will use the REVV token, which is the native token of the REVV Motorsport ecosystem.


MotoGP Ignition, which is a play-to-earn game like other games included in the REVV Motorsport ecosystem, is a licensed MotoGP game. Players will be able to own, race, and manage real pilots, which they know from MotoGP as NFTs. MotoGP Ignition, where everything in the game is owned by the players, is also a game where the motorbikes of world-famous motorbike brands can be owned as NFTs, such as Suzuki, Honda, Ducati, Aprilia, Yamaha, etc.

The game will focus on two main aspects; NFT collection, and racing management. Players will be able to collect collectibles from Ignition Complete platform within the game. These NFT assets will be earned by opening card packs. Upon opening, players will get three random cards minimum, and each card pack will have a theme that determines what kind of NFTs players will get. 

Ignition Legends is the management place for players to compete against each other by using their MotoGP NFTs in a competitive and multiplayer setup. In Ignition Legends mode, players will be able to adjust even the smallest details, such as managing riders on a lap-by-lap basis. Riders will be able to run an aggressive lap to gain higher places if their manager wants them to do so. Each race will be unique, so managers will have to strategize their moves by watching the races closely to grasp the leader position. Also, players will have the responsibilities such as repairing bikes, improving riders’ conditions, building a full team with mechanics, coaches, scouts, upgrading the parts of the bikes, etc.

Token Information

MotoGP Ignition uses the REVV token as its native cryptocurrency. Players will be able to earn the REVV token by completing races and selling NFT assets on the game's marketplace. Since it is a shared token with other games, players can earn REVV tokens from other games of Animoca Brands and use them in MotoGP Ignition.


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