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Move Plus

Move Plus

In Development
Move Plus
Sports, Simulation
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Move Plus is a play-to-earn move-to-play blockchain game where players can own NFT assets and earn MPP and MOP tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. Move Plus allows users to communicate, work out, and participate in real-life activities together. Players can share their moments with friends or participate in check-in activities to receive rewards. The game is available on both the Android and iOS mobile platforms.


Move Plus features moving quests that are categorized into four different types; basic, advanced, check-in, and marathon. Basic quests have beginner missions that are calculated and recorded by the amount of distance the players have traveled. There are no time limitations for this mode, and the difficulty level of the missions depends on the player's training routine. Additionally, basic quests can be completed solo or as a group. Group mode increases the total rewards earned from the quests.

Advanced quests, on the other hand, have harder missions and larger prizes compared to basic quests. If the players would like to test themselves against others, they can participate in marathon quests that are held both regularly and on special occasions. These quests generally have much longer distances that need to be covered and more prizes to be earned. There are also check-in quests that act as geo-location quests that the players need to find and scan a QR code in order to complete.

Every quest requires power to participate. Power is deducted every time a player selects a quest and starts it. To participate in these quest modes, players need to own NFT smart bands with a mode that is suitable for their training activities. There are various smart band types to experience, including walking, jogging, running, cycling, and training. Different types of smart bands have different speeds to match and different base returns of tokens at optimal speed. 

Earnings are dependent on the smart band types, the hash points, and the moving speed of a player. Matching the ideal moving speed according to the type of the smart band is crucial for players to earn optimally. Each type of smart band also features five different rarities; common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Rarities determine the value of intrinsic attributes (hashpoint, luck, durability, and recovery) and extrinsic attributes (gem socket, battery, and hibernate) of a band.

Token Information

The Move Plus ecosystem has two tokens, MPP and MOP tokens. MPP is the governance token of Move Plus that grants voting for game elements while also unlocking upgrades for the smart bands. MOP is the in-game currency, and it is used for special activities such as mission fees, specials, challenge fees, and battery charging.

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