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My Little Planet is a blockchain-based farming-exploring adventure game that utilizes the Polygon network with its NFT assets, cryptocurrencies, MLP, and MLCOIN. In the game, players can earn rewards while exploring different planets where they plant seeds, harvest goods, and sell them on the market for a profit.


The game centers around discovering new planets, planting crops that can be grown on these planets, and profiting from these crops by harvesting and selling them. Each planet in My Little Planet has its own cultivation requirements; to cultivate in new planets, players must learn and adapt by harvesting and completing previous plants' orders. After a certain point, players can turn the new planet into fertile farmland.

My Little Planet has four types of NFTs: crops, autos, plots, and garages. The game can be played as a free-to-play game, however, owning an NFT can give a good advantage to players in general; NFT assets help players to finish daily tasks faster, grow their gardens/farmlands more quickly, and collect goods faster. The NFT assets in the game have five levels of rarity for each NFT category, such as crops, plots, etc.; common, rare, epic, legendary, and mythical. 

Players can combine different seeds, cross-breeding the plants, which will result in a unique and hybrid plant. Even after a long time, the planted crops on planets can be collected by players. This eliminates the need to start all over again when players take a break from the game and decided to return.

Token Information

My Little Planet offers two different cryptocurrencies with different purposes, MLC, and MLCOIN. The MLC is the governance token of the game and can be used for governance purposes, investment, in-game transactions, buy, sell, or trade NFTs, and staking. The MLCOIN is the in-game token, and it can be used for in-game upgrades, process accelerations, rewards in tournaments, etc. Players can earn MLC tokens by completing the orders and quests, and also by selling the harvested goods on the game’s marketplace. 

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My Little Planet

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