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MyMasterWar is a play-to-earn free-to-play strategy game where players can own NFT heroes and earn MAT tokens on the Binance Smart Chain network. The game features PvE and PvP modes that the players can participate in and complete missions in order to gain tokens. MyMasterWar is available to play on web browsers and mobile platforms.


MyMasterWar features different modes that can be accessed from the game’s main hub. The home screen allows players to access the campaign, expeditions, the arena, the shop, the mailbox, the tavern, the blacksmith, and many more. Players can participate in the PvE campaign that features fifteen consecutive stages or PvE expeditions that act as an adventure mode. If the players are looking for a PvP experience, they can access the arena that features different competitive activities, such as a 1v1 mode and an Epic War mode. Players are placed on a leaderboard and rewarded based on their success. There is also a World Boss mode that acts as a raid, a Mine mode where the players can send their heroes to occupy lands and earn tokens, and a Secret Base mode that features optional levels that reward resources.

Non-NFT heroes can be recruited from the tavern and equipped with items that can be bought from the shop. The blacksmith and the upgrade shop allow players to increase their power by enhancing their gear and heroes. Players will surely want to have NFT heroes since they are much more powerful than their counterparts. They can be directly bought from the marketplace. All heroes are categorized into five different tiers; normal (white), rare (green), epic (blue), legendary (purple), and god (yellow). Their tiers affect their attributes and how much more they receive when they level up. These tiers apply to every hero class that determines their combat style. Heroes can be infantry, spear army, cavalry, archery, and mastermind. 

Players can upgrade their heroes according to their character level; a hero’s maximum upgradeable level is equal to the player’s level. Leveling up requires copper and book items that grant experience, which can be gained from completing missions. There are also upgrades that aid the player in battle; falling rock, healing, ambush, and crossbow. These are spells that are on a cooldown and can be cast onto the battlefield.

Token Information

MAT token is the native currency of the game, and it acts as a governance token. Successfully participating in play-to-earn modes such as the campaign or mine mode rewards MAT tokens. It can be exchanged on decentralized exchanges and can be staked for further profits. It can be spent on the marketplace to buy NFT heroes and items.

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IDO (GameFi)29 Sep-4 Oct 2021$0.12$150,0001,250,000-100,000,000$12,000,000
IDO (RedKite)29 Sep-3 Oct 2021$0.12$150,0001,250,000-

Private-$0.10$1,200,00012,000,00010% released at TGE, 1 month cliff then linear vesting over next 12 months


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