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Mystic Treasure

Mystic Treasure

Mystic Treasure Team
RPG, Puzzle
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Mystic Treasure is a play-to-earn puzzle game that utilizes the BNB blockchain with its NFTs and cryptocurrency, MYT. In Mystic Treasure, players will earn in the learn-and-earn format by answering quizzes and making use of RPG elements.


In Mystic Treasure, players will solve puzzles that lead them to treasures. The game world is divided into five different zones hiding various loots for the players. Players will first have to begin their journey by owning a house in the game. These will act as the supplement for in-game character’s stats, such as expanding the player’s inventory slots, increasing movement speed, or protecting them from enemies. The house can be upgraded with certain in-game materials. After renovation, players can unlock more space with additional features such as extra storage slots and improve the house’s features.

Players then begin their journey on the treasure map against the AI. They can equip various NFT items with different rarity levels, from weapons to clothing, to receive bonuses in their adventures in these quests. They can visit the five different regions on the map, and by answering the questions right, they will get to the treasure and claim their reward. There are also treasure maps that can be acquired from the game’s market with different rarities. The difficulty of the questions varies on the rarity level of the maps. The higher the rarity level, the more complicated the quiz and the higher the token and item rewards. There are ten multiple-choice questions to answer for each map, and players are only allowed three wrong answers per their adventure.

In PvP 1v1 mode, players will compete with each other. Whoever has more correct answers or faster speed in case of a tie will earn the staked tokens. After paying an entrance fee with their tokens players can partake in 100 people battle royale match with an elimination system where the last one gets the highest prize. Players can also take part in quiz matches against limited-time World Bosses which will net them higher rewards and NFT items as they face increasingly difficult questions.

Token Information

MYT is the main governance token of Mystic Treasure. It can be used to purchase more treasure maps and traded on the marketplace as well as can be staked to take part in DAO governance. MYC is the off-chain utility token that can be used in-game for different activities such as crafting and upgrading items.


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