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Neon District

Neon District

Blockade Games
RPG, Action
Not available


Neon District is a cyberpunk-themed play-to-earn free-to-play RPG that features collectible NFTs both on the Polygon and the Ethereum blockchain network. In the game, players collect NFT characters and gear, craft and improve teams, and compete against other players through the Neon Pizza competitive multiplayer tasks or in a turn-based combat system.


In Neon Pizza, pizza delivery game mode, players send their characters to deliver the pizzas and earn Neon, Juice, and gear parts to use to buy item crates and level up their NFT characters, armors, and weapons. Players can choose to play by the rules by delivering pizzas to hungry customers like a normal pizza joint, or they can sabotage other players’ delivery systems by attacking their couriers. 

The newcomers of the game are given one free character, 300 Neon, and 5 Juice to start the game. In the Neon District world, there are six different character types to choose from: Demon, Doc, Genius, Ghost, Heavy, and Jack. Every character type has different abilities and capabilities, so players can form the best team however they see fit to their delivery needs. From the team editor, players can choose their characters and assign them to one of four available slots. Delivery teams consist of four characters maximum.

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