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NFT 11

NFT 11

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NFT 11 is a play-to-earn blockchain-based sports and management game that focuses on football and utilizes the Binance Smart Chain network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, NFT 11. In the game, players own their football team, manage all aspects, and compete against other players while making a profit. NFT11 aims to create a digital universe for all football enthusiasts with NFTs, players, and cards, all tradeable items.


NFT 11 allows players to be real football managers, managing every aspect of their squad, from training NFT players to taking part in transfer windows and owning seats in their stadium. Moreover, managers, aka players, can improve the abilities of the football players by deciding which players will play the most matches since the abilities of football players depend on the number of matches they play. 

Football players with higher abilities become players who receive more offers during transfer periods, and managers can sell these football players to other clubs if they wish to earn more income for their team’s treasury. Also, managers can use Tactic Cards NFTs to improve their football players as well, which will add unique advantages to football players and the team in certain situations during a match.

With the tournament feature of the game, players can compete with each other to win the prize pool that is being filled by the gas prices paid by players to enter the tournament. Other than the tournament feature, there is a feature in-game called Friendlies. Friendlies are free-to-play matches between two clubs looking to train or have a benchmark of their team against other managers. Friendlies do not require fees to be set up, however, rewards earned by winning matches in Friendlies as well as football players' growth will be lower as compared to winning matches in tournaments.

Token Information

NFT 11 uses the NFT11 token as its native cryptocurrency. Managers can use the NFT11 token as a transaction and gas fee, to buy NFT assets from the marketplace, improve their football players, increase the capacity of their stadiums, etc. The NFT11 tokens can be earned by winning football matches, selling NFT assets on the marketplace, and participating in tournaments and leagues.

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