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Nifty Smashers

Nifty Smashers

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Nifty Smashers is a play-to-earn blockchain-based action platformer game that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain network with its NFT assets and cryptocurrency, NFTL. The game takes place in the Nifty League, a metaverse and platform with unique NFT collections and upcoming games. In the game, players control NFT characters and fight against opponents on different maps filled with platform game features such as obstacles, traps, NPCs, etc.


To start playing the game, players need to own a DEGEN NFT. DEGENs are the first NFTs that Nifty League’s been presented to the community. There are six tribes of DEGENs: apes, humans, dogs, frogs, cats, and aliens. Upon connecting their wallets to the game, players can see their DEGEN NFTs as playable characters if their wallet contains one. 

As a Super Smash Bros-inspired game, Nifty Smashers’ sole purpose is to knock opponents off the map to score in-game points. There are different ways to earn points in the game. For example, if a DEGEN is hit once and dies, the player responsible for his opponent’s death makes one point. If a DEGEN is struck multiple times without being able to recover, the player gets points as often as the DEGEN is hit. So, it is essential to calculate the attacking moves to earn the most points possible. If another player steals a kill from another player, all the combo hits go to the player who made the last move that killed the opponent DEGEN. Every match in the game is a best of 5 rounds. In a 2-player match, the winner must have 5 points to win a round. In addition, in a three or 4-player match, the winner needs 10 points to win a round. If there is a tie after the fifth game round, the tied players go into a sudden death round that other players can watch from the sideline as spectators. 

Players can create their own lobbies in Nifty Smashers to play against their friends. The host of the lobby can share the code that can be seen on the map with other players for them to join the lobby. However, if another player wants to join a lobby, first, they must select the same regions as the lobby. To minimize the latency and lag, choosing a closer region to the player’s location is recommended since Nifty Smashers is a fast-paced action game. Players can examine their ping on their screens to decide if they should change their region or not. 

Characters can equip bats to deal damage to their opponents. A bat can be swung in all possible directions, even diagonally. Players must click the attack button to swing the bat and hit players with a light attack. Longer pressing on the attack button can generate more momentum; therefore, players can deal much more damage to their enemies. The moving aspects of the game are crucial, just as swinging the bat at the right time. Players may want to move constantly to avoid any incoming attacks from their enemies. Jumping is another way to avoid getting hit.

Token Information

Nifty Smashers uses the NFTL token as its official governance cryptocurrency. Players can use these tokens to buy and rent DEGEN NFTs for governance purposes and naming characters. However, players will be able to purchase in-game items and collectibles with NFTL tokens in the future stages of the game.

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