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NiftyKicks Factory

NiftyKicks Factory

NiftyKicks Factory
Strategy, Simulation
Not available


NiftyKicks Factory is a play-to-earn NFT sneaker-building strategy game built on the Wax blockchain, where players can earn NKFE tokens. Players can earn fungible tokens that can be used to build machines and buildings to create more NFTs that can be sold in the aftermarket or staked in-game to boost token production. Players must accumulate four types of raw materials to craft NFTs: textile (NKFT), rubber (NKFR), leather (NKFL), plastic (NKFP), and energy (NKFE). The game has 11 different NFTs and requires four specific NFTs to play to its full potential. The game is available on web browsers.


In NiftyKicks Factory, the objective is to accumulate raw materials to create sneakers, which can be sold or staked in-game to increase token production. Additionally, players can build machines and buildings that can be staked to increase production or sold in the marketplace. Players can stake laborers to a building or machine to improve the output of each machine or building and craft additional NFTs at a faster rate. The game consists of four types of raw materials: textile, rubber, leather, and plastic, as well as energy, which is required to run the machines and craft new machines, buildings, and sneakers when combined with other raw materials.

The game consists of 11 NFTs, including three pieces of equipment for each of the three types of raw materials, four laborers with a unique specialty for each piece of equipment or building, one building to house the machines and energy production, and three warehouse badges. To play the game to its full potential, each player will need the leather cutter, molding machine, sewing machine, and factory building NFTs. Players can stake a laborer to a building or machine to improve the output of each machine/building and craft additional NFTs at a faster rate. One laborer is required for each machine or building to increase its output.

Buildings and machines will produce tokens and raw materials on an hourly basis, and players must claim them every two hours; otherwise, the machines and buildings will not produce any further tokens until the tokens and raw materials have been claimed. These resources, as well as the NFTs, are tradable and have real-life value.

The raw materials are needed to craft military vehicles, military personnel, delivery vehicles, drivers, upgrades to the military building, and to pay for consumables like gas, food, ammo, plastic, and repair parts.

Token Information

The NKFE tokens that players can earn passively by building and owning machines. Buildings are used to create more machines, buildings, and sneakers, and can be sold or staked in-game to boost token production. These tokens can be traded in the marketplace. Players can purchase the necessary materials if they do not have enough raw materials to craft NFTs.

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