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Card, Strategy
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Noa is a play-to-earn blockchain strategy card game where players can own NFT collectible cards and earn NOA tokens on the WAX network. It is necessary for players to own heroes and support cards in order to build a deck. The game is available on the PC platform.


Noa requires players to have 16 heroes and 10 support cards in order to start playing and creating a deck. When the game begins, four random hero cards and two random support cards are placed on the battlefield. Heroes will fight the enemy cards, and every time one dies, a new one is drawn from the draw pile until all 16 are destroyed. The player with at least one hero card remaining on the battlefield wins. Winning players are rewarded with NOA tokens and sometimes rare loot such as shards to upgrade their cards, in-game exclusive heroes, charms, and boosters.

Each card in the game is an NFT on the WAX blockchain. Players can earn more tokens and shards to upgrade their cards. When you complete daily or weekly quests, you get better rewards and can join co-op games, which give you even better rewards. Players must stake all of their new cards, including boosts, before they can put them in a deck. Staking game cards also earns bonus NOA tokens.

All playable NFT cards are available in six different rarities: common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic. The rarity of the cards increases their power. The higher the rarity of the cards in a deck, the higher the dungeon tier it can clear, which results in higher rewards. Legendary cards can be obtained from one of the limited pack drops, but mythic rarities can only be obtained through gameplay. Players can upgrade their cards in the forge. Upgrading a card from common to mythic rarity requires a certain number of shards and NOA tokens.

There are six different hero classes that differ in playstyle: warrior, rogue, mage, healer, guardian, and support. Hero cards are always active and take actions during turns in the order determined by the game's rules. Each hero card has multiple stats and one or more unique active or passive skills. Every hero card can attack except the healer class, which only restores ally cards' health points while dealing no damage.

Token Information

NOA tokens are the main in-game currency that can be earned by playing and winning matches. The higher the tier played, the more rewards are given to the winner. These tokens can also be earned from staking NFT cards. In order to buy more cards and upgrades, players can use NOA tokens in the marketplace.


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