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Nova Rally

Nova Rally

Nova Rally


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Nova Rally is a play-to-earn NFT-based racing simulation game on the WAX blockchain. Players select drivers and vehicles to participate in races and compete with others to win prizes. There are four different tokens that relate to different leagues in the game. They serve as fuel to join races.


In Nova Rally, players require two drivers and a vehicle to start playing, which can be obtained from the marketplace. These drivers and vehicles are unique NFTs, and they can be staked to generate tokens. Players start at rookie league and progress. Higher leagues give greater rewards. To promote drivers and vehicles, players need to own three of the same league NFT to create a higher league one. There is a promotion limit in each league such as a player needs to win ten rookie league races to promote to the intermediate league.

There are twenty-one drivers who have different rarities in the game. They come in five rarities; common, uncommon, rare, classic, and sketch. Every driver starts in the rookie league regardless of their rarity. Four rally car manufacturers are present in the game; Helios which feature Ravager, Rome, and Salamander models, Clunk which has Juker, Turtle, Prizefighter models, Dimp which make Vanessa and Snout models, and Speros, which own the Skittle and Serpent, models. 

Standard races have eight competing teams participating. There is no risk for entering and when players win a race they gain a shard pack. Shard packs provide shadow shards that can be collected, and five of them can create a new NFT. Death Rally, a mode where players can join once per day, gives a driver’s manual NFT and an invitation to Nova Rally Championship, which takes place at the end of the season and offers the biggest prizes. Driver’s manual promotes an NFT to the next league when used. The bottom ninety-five percent of driver NFTs in Death Rally are burned.

Mechanic Mastermind mode allows players to combine their drivers and vehicles to uncover combos. Players select three drivers to test, and the game will show the final power as a result. Players who discover the most powerful combos are rewarded.

Token Information

There are four leagues that use these fuel tokens where players can participate; a rookie league that uses Snake Oil (SNAKOIL), an intermediate league that uses Snake Gas (SNAKGAS), a veteran league that uses Snake Power (SNAKPOW), and a master league that uses Snake Venom (SNAKVEN). 

BOOST tokens can be used to craft boosts to use in races. Boost increases the performance of the driver and the vehicle for a single race. WAX can also be used to make purchases directly from the marketplace.


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