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MMO, Strategy
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Novopangea is a play-to-earn massively multiplayer online blockchain strategy game where players can own NFT land and earn NOVO and OBSD tokens on the WAX network. The game allows players to own buildings and worker NFTs that can be micromanaged on a plot of land. The game is available on the PC platform.


Novopangea features six different realms: earth, light, space, shadow, time, and water. The realm in which the players begin the game will be their permanent residence. After deciding on a realm, players can choose a district and claim a land. 

Players have several different options on how they want to approach and play the game. They can manage their economy by being owners of land and buildings and having skilled workers. To begin, players must add either a land, a building, or a worker NFT to the game.

The landowners can take part in the game by adding a building to their land plot or by renting their land to another player who already has a building. Building owners are players who choose to add a building to the plot of land of another player or to their own plot of land. Players who are renting a building from another player must agree on a rental rate. All rental fees are paid in OBSD tokens. Furthermore, contractors have teams of skilled workers that the building owners can hire. Workers have a shift; they will need to eat and rest before being available for another assignment.

Every building requires energy to function. It is generated by energy mines that are spread across all six realms. Aside from energy, materials are needed to supply buildings. Most of the buildings require daily maintenance, performance improvements, and storage enhancements. Food is also demanded by workers on a daily basis. At the in-game marketplace, you can trade OBSD tokens or creator credits in exchange for energy, materials, and food. 

NFT assets have different rarity tiers that range from common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic. The cooldown time of actions is shorter for NFTs that are epic, legendary, and mythic. Each rarity tier grants valuable creator credits that can be redeemed in the marketplace for items like packs, NFTs, and 3D models.

Token Information

The in-game utility token Obsidian (OBSD) can be earned by renting out land, working in buildings and mines, and selling resources. It is used for in-game transactions at the marketplace. NOVO token, on the other hand, acts as the governance token that allows voting for the players. It can also be used to craft NFTs, unlock items and power-ups, and for staking.


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