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Nyan Heroes

Nyan Heroes

In Development
Rude Robots
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Nyan Heroes is a play-to-earn free-to-play blockchain-based third-person shooter game on the Solana Chain with its NFTs and cryptocurrencies, NYN and CTNP. In this game, players can collect Nyan cats and their Guardian Robot mechs as NFTs and engage in PVP battles in order to earn cryptocurrency and NFT rewards.


In Nyan Heroes, players can play the game for free in PvE mode, but their experience and progress will be limited without owning and upgrading their own NFT characters.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world with a blend of lo-fi and cyberpunk aesthetics. The main environment is a battle royale arena featuring high-quality 3D graphics that are optimized for lower-end consoles. 

Players will automatically participate in the game economy by collecting tokens as rewards for completing tasks, winning battles, and progressing in adventure mode. They will also be able to mint more Nyans, clone their Guardian Robots, collect rare and unique weapons and skins, and trade them all as NFTs in the game's marketplace.

In the fictional world of Eden, players will control their own Guardian Mechs, piloted by adorable Nyan Heroes, in PvE and PvP battles and fight alongside Nekovia citizens and other Nyans to earn CTNP. Nyan Heroes offers players four modes:

PvE Adventure Mode: Players progress level by level in single-player or co-op mode by journeying through Nekovia and defeating formidable adversaries.

PvP Battle Royale Mode: Players can team up and square off in intense battle royale combat. Owning various types of Nyans and robots allows players to take down unprepared squads more easily.

RPG Mode: Players can employ elements of real-world economies, either in Nekovia itself or the neighboring city of Inusha. This mode allows players maximum freedom in how they wish to participate in the game's player-based economy.

Guild Mode: Players can create their own guild or join another, after which they can complete guild-only tasks including quests, missions, and raids for additional rewards.

The NFT Guardians have nine different classes, each with their own unique abilities to deploy in battle. The classes range from warrior to soldier, and their abilities range from stealth movement to a giant shield spanning multiple unit widths in a convex shape in front of players. The level of CTNP and rewards that players receive scale with the rarity of the Guardian. Two base Guardian mechs can be deconstructed via the expenditure of NYN and reconstructed to create a single, improved Guardian, which acts as a deflationary factor for the NYN token. The limited supply of land in Nekovia will be subdivided into five categories corresponding to Genesis Nyan NFT rarities, and it will be used to create guilds in the game. Each parcel of land will allow a certain number of guild members to join, and guilds will be able to share resources, build various things on their land, and form scholarship programs in-game. NFT Staking Expeditions program rewards Genesis Nyan token holders with CTNP.

Token Information

NYN is the governance token of the Nyan Heroes platform. The token can be earned from PvP rewards and staking. This means that players can earn NYN tokens by participating in player versus player matches and by staking their tokens in the platform. The more players participate in these activities, the more tokens will be in circulation, which can affect the token's value. CTNP is the utility token of Nyan Heroes, and it has an infinite total supply. CTNP can be earned from PvP and PvE rewards, guild quests, and raid rewards. This means that players can earn CTNP tokens by participating in different in-game activities. NYN tokens can be burned as a result of in-game fees or governance decisions. CTNP tokens can be used to level up gear and parts, create consumables from raw materials, purchase rare cosmetic skins, fuse Guardians from lower rarities to higher rarities, and participate in the player-based economy by trading on the marketplace. Additionally, the platform can also mint new NFTs, characters, and items.


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