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Oath of Peak

Oath of Peak

Yeeha Games


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Oath of Peak is a free-to-play blockchain massively multiplayer online role-playing game where players can earn PKTK and OOP tokens and utilize NFT beasts and items. The game offers players an immersive world of ancient mythology and legends. The game features hand-drawn environments that add to the game's beauty and wondrous uniqueness. Oath of Peak is available on PC and mobile platforms.


In Oath of Peak, players can choose to take on the world alone, join a guild, or create their own. Players can befriend pets, monsters, and other like-minded adventurers as they explore exquisitely rendered 3D lands. The game is designed to provide special bonuses to adventurers who work together, but players can also choose to take on campaigns alone for an extra challenge.

Players can collect and breed their Spirit Beasts to create unique companions that add game-changing effects when taken to battle. The beasts have unique abilities and attributes that players can use to their advantage in combat. In addition, players can choose to buy property and build a home on Mount Huanming or relax with friends while fishing for rare aquatic creatures. The game also features a variety of unique mini-games that allow players to enrich their experience in Oath of Peak.

Players can trade equipment, Spirit Beasts, crafted items, and just about anything else with one another in the game's open market. Combined with an open NFT marketplace, players can even make some real profits by participating in the game's economy. The base currency used throughout Oath of Peak is called shells, which players can earn through standard means such as monster drops, selling items, quest rewards, and Spirit Beasts mining.

The game features five classes that players can choose from, each with its unique progression and combat specializations. The Alkaid is a melee fighter that excels at wielding heaven and earth shattering claymores to conquer their foes. They offer sustained damage output and have adept survival and tank skills. The Megrez is a ranged mage that is proficient at using the brush to summon tidal waves and thunderstorms to drown their enemies. They offer sustained damage output and have adept control and AOE skills. The Dubhe is a melee assassin with high mobility and can attack enemies quickly and lethally. They offer high burst damage and have adept survival and control skills. The Merak is a ranged support class that offers a variety of buffs and debuffs to allies and enemies. They can heal, shield, and disrupt enemies while providing sustained damage output. The Phecda is a hybrid class that offers a mix of melee and ranged abilities. They excel at dealing burst damage and have adept control and survival skills.

Token Information

Oath of Peak's economy is powered by Shells, which are the base currency used throughout the game. PKTK tokens can be exchanged for shells. Players can earn Shells through standard means such as monster drops, selling items, quest rewards, and Spirit Beast mining. In addition, players can trade equipment, Spirit Beasts, crafted items, and just about anything else with one another in the game's open market. The game also features an open NFT marketplace where players can buy and sell NFTs. The NFTs are unique digital assets that represent in-game items, such as equipment, Spirit Beasts, and other collectibles. Players can use the game's governance token, OOP, to vote on proposals related to the game's development and future direction.


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