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Off The Grid

Off The Grid

In Development
Gunzilla Games
Not available


Off The Grid is a cyberpunk battle royale action blockchain game developed by Gunzilla Games. Set in a dystopian tropical island, the game puts players in a covert corporate war where they have the power to shape the story and gameplay. Off The Grid features a thrilling experience that combines multiplayer battles with a narrative-driven progression system. The game is available on PC.


Off The Grid has a different take on the battle royale genre with its fusion of storytelling and multiplayer gameplay. Gunzilla Games allows players to delve into an experience where their actions have real consequences in a dystopian world fueled by corporate warfare.

Players start by creating their own character and joining one of three secret factions for control over a space elevator located on the island. This elevator leads to a highly lucrative asteroid mining operation, attracting the attention of various factions worldwide. As the game unfolds, players engage in classic battle royale matches, striving to be the last one standing. However, the game offers much more than traditional PvP battles.

Off The Grid introduces a unique twist to the battle royale genre by incorporating PvE story missions that take place in real time on the map. These missions allow players to participate in assassination and sabotage tasks, directly impacting the unfolding narrative and gameplay for all participants. The actions players take during these missions can have both immediate and long-term effects on the story, influencing how it evolves and shaping the world of Off The Grid.

To further enhance the gameplay experience, crafting and customization play a vital role. Players are encouraged to trade items with one another, allowing them to personalize their characters and gain an edge in battles. The game's approach to battle royale ensures that players will discover something new with each return to the world of Off The Grid. There are also customizable limbs featured in the game that upgrades a character's attributes.

Token Information

While specific details about the token system in Off The Grid are yet to be unveiled, players can expect an in-game economy that facilitates various activities and transactions. Tokens within the game ecosystem are likely to be employed for achievements, challenges, and participation in tournaments and special events. These tokens may be earned through successful PvP battles and other in-game accomplishments. With the introduction of tokens, Off The Grid offers players opportunities to accumulate wealth and earn rewards while engaging in intense battles and contributing to the game's overall narrative.


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