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Office Land is a business management simulation game where players can hire NFT employees for their businesses. Players can create digital offices in the game and run their businesses however they see fit. They can manage their businesses and employees to make real income by earning the game’s official cryptocurrency, OCOIN.


Just like in a real office environment, employees can be experienced or inexperienced. Their experience is equivalent to their rarity. In the game, there are six rarities in total such as intern (common), junior (uncommon), senior (rare), leader (epic), manager (legendary), and boss (event). The higher rarity means that a particular employee can outcome more complicated tasks in a short period and also can increase the profitability of the business much better than a lower rarity employee.

Players can acquire employees randomly by opening card packs. There are ten different employees in total with different appearances and abilities. In addition, players can blend the same employee cards together to create a rarer and better employee. However, the blending option is disabled at the moment, it will be added to the game later on. Players also have the chance to upgrade their employees without burning any employee cards by using OCOIN for their upgrading process.

Employees’ productivity can be boosted by using the coffee shop’s menu or with a mystery hat. Each coffee type has a different effect on the staff. For example, latte can boost the success rate of an employee by 5% to 10% and reduce his time on an assignment by 1% to 10%, while macchiato can boost the success rate by 5% to 10%, and reduce time by 15% to 25%. The same goes for the hats; different kinds of mystery hats can be used on employees to increase their success rate and decrease their time on an assignment. There are seventeen different hats in the game with different rarities. The rarities of hats are the same as employee rarities; common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. Common and uncommon hats, however, do not affect the productivity of an employee. Instead, they are in the game to add a unique vibe to employees. 

Token Information

Office Land utilizes the WAX network with its in-game cryptocurrency, OCOIN. Players can use OCOIN to buy items, upgrade their employees, and on banks to do staking.

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