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Osimi City

Osimi City

Osimi City Team
Action, Adventure
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Osimi City is a blockchain-based free-to-play play-to-earn open-world action-adventure game that utilizes the BNB and Ethereum networks with its NFT aspects and cryptocurrency, OSI. In Osimi City, players can participate in competitive racing, zombie-killing matches, shooting, and PvP, as well as becoming landlords by buying and selling NFT real estate to earn crypto in a play-to-earn model.


Players' character begins their journey after a mysterious virus ravaged the planet in 2019, unleashing a zombie apocalypse. Each character starts with a basic pistol to start progressing in the early game quests to unlock new items and gear to start their play-to-earn adventure. In Osimi players can create their unique-looking personas and stylize them according to their taste then, they can begin playing story missions to earn OSI tokens and NFT rewards such as real estate, vehicles, costumes, weapons, and in-game items, which they can equip or trade on NFT marketplaces outside of the game. Players can choose to start with an NFT character if they wish to do so in Osimi City store. 

After completing early game story missions, players can take on tasks such as robberies and break-ins, bounty hunting, or data theft to gain more lucrative rewards. Once they progress enough, they can take part in harder missions such as heists where one player becomes the Big Boss of a co-op team, earning higher rewards for assembling people. They will gain OSI tokens and experience points in the progress and will be able to level up their characters' stats such as shooting, racing, and martial arts. And they can unlock newer missions and will be able to increase their bet staking limit in PvP matches.

Players can take place in PvP racing matches on the open world map of Osimi City, where nine players will compete to take first place. They have to avoid obstacles and also survive each other to win, these races are to the death and require NFT vehicles in order to be played. They can take part in Team Death Matches known as Shooter, which takes place in 10 rounds in 3v3 and 6v6 format with usable NFT weapons. Each player has to wager at least a minimum number of tokens to participate. Osimi also plans tournaments and esports matches with higher stakes.

Finally, players can earn passive income by purchasing lands and constructing various types of buildings on them. By spending their tokens, they can upgrade them and earn higher yields from their real estate. 

Token Information

Osimi City adopts a dual token model. OSI token is the government token of the game. It is used to exchange NFT items, and lands to monetize on the crypto markets. It can be used to stake and farm or as a voting right in the game’s policies. The second coin is The Stable Coin, which is used to buy in-game weaponry, clothing, NFT vehicles, and NFT lands inside the game. 

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