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Outer Ring

Outer Ring

In Development
Outer Ring
MMO, RPG, Action


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Outer Ring is a play-to-earn massively multiplayer online action role-playing game in which players can own NFT items and earn GQ tokens on the BNB Smart Chain network. The game is an MMO that is also a third-person shooter, which allows players to participate in combat against each other. The game is available for both PC and Mac platforms.


Outer Ring has a vast galaxy with a diverse range of planets and environments. All of these different spaces have distinct characteristics that influence the game's playability. There are tiers that are assigned to planets, asteroids, dungeons, and areas in general. The tier level defines the types of resources available in a level as well as the difficulties and risks associated with overtaking a level.

PvP combat can take place in both regular gameplay and in closed arenas, allowing for competitive play. There are different kinds of fights in arena competitions, such as traditional 3v3 arena battles and huge battlefields. Outer Ring can also create mini-games and interactive scenarios for special events.

The crafting mechanics allow players to make equipment, vehicles, and ships out of a variety of essential elements such as iron, carbon, and helium. There are two types of crafting materials: raw materials and processed materials (iron, nickel, xenon, etc.). Both categories are organized by tiers based on their extraction and obtaining difficulty. Raw materials can only be processed, stored, or destroyed. They cannot be traded, unlike processed materials. Processed materials, on the other hand, can be sold at auction, exchanged in a pool, or signed for use in clans or businesses.

Outer Ring features five species fighting for control of the planets and their resources, divided into four factions. The five species are called Earthlings, Va’ans, Oracles, Scavengons, and Mechs. There are no character classes; each species has different skills that can fulfill a role in a group. Players have to put in points in order to specialize in skills like running, jumping, or climbing. Players can improve and upgrade NFTs by practicing various tasks such as mining and crafting items such as weapons and armor. The same system is used for combat and piloting skills.

There are different types of weapons that range from handguns, shotguns, submachine guns, rifles, sniper rifles, heavy weapons, and melee weapons. Each of these weapons comes in various rarities, such as common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. They are also divided by tiers of 1 to 5 within themselves, which determine their attributes and modifiers to damage. The same rarity and tier system applies to armors as well. There are three types of armor that the players can wear: light, medium, and heavy.

Token Information

The Galactic Quadrant (QC) token is the native governance token of Outer Ring. It allows players to have a direct influence over the game’s systems through voting. It can be obtained by completing quests, competing in PvP events, and trading NFTs in the marketplace.

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