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Action, Adventure, RPG, MMO


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Outlanders is a free-to-play, play-to-earn MMORPG that utilizes the BSC blockchain with its NFTs, cryptocurrencies, NAKA, and LAND. In a vast fantasy universe, players can create their own identities, developing their characters in a realm of opportunities and adventure while earning valuable NFTs and in-game rewards.


Outlanders is an adventure game with PvE and PvP elements in which players compete for territorial dominance against monsters and other creatures. The game is easily accessible for non-crypto native gamers since there’s no initial investment required. Outlanders begins as a free-to-play game for every user, with everyone beginning with items and clothing of no value. Users must accomplish missions to increase their value. 

For example, by eliminating monsters and other competitors, players can obtain better outfits and weapons, resulting in a drop in crypto assets in the form of NFTs or other crypto assets. Simultaneously, the character's experience and weapon proficiency increase over time, based on the profile of slayed enemies and the number of defeated. New players increase their virtual assets by eliminating in-game monsters or other players, creating guilds and battling other guilds, capturing territories, improving their character strength, and defending captured territory against other players.

The game begins after the player creates their avatar. Players can customize their whole appearance. The main way to play is like a real-time action role-playing game, with quick buttons for skills and attacks. Characters' power and combat type will change depending on how players build their characters. Outlanders have classic RPG stats like strength and dexterity, as well as sub-stats that are even stronger and different stats for items.

Outlanders will generate quests and game events on a regular basis. Players will be able to earn crypto assets and token rewards through events and tasks. Individual quests can also be created by players. On the city board, players can ask for and promote these custom-made quests, as well as set rewards for completing them.

When players earn items from defeating monsters, they can sell them at the market. In the game's closed economy, players can sell it directly to the shop or create their own shop. These items can be mounts, pets, in-game consumables, and equippable items for monster eggs that can come in the form of NFTs.

Players can form guilds and share rewards, participate in guild wars, and engage in individual PvP if they wish to do so. To prevent random killing, the game implements a karma system that punishes those who push their luck in banditry, as they have to avoid the cities and safe zones to avert the guards.

Outlanders will also become a move-to-earn game where players can gain rewards by engaging in tracked physical activity. Players will get rewards just like the main gameplay in the form of in-game assets and tokens that can be exchanged for fiat currency. There is also a unique survival mode variation of the game. Players battle waves of enemies in a trial of endurance to prove their skill, top the leaderboards, and earn NFT in-game items and token rewards. 

Players can earn and accumulate LAND by completing conquests and killing in-game monsters. When you finish these conquests at the same time, you can get unique NFTs and other items from monsters. Additionally, users can earn NAKA by competing for assets in PvP mode or by participating in weekly prize pools and leaderboards.

Token Information

The official in-game currency will be LAND tokens. LAND and other assets will be dropped by defeated monsters throughout the game. To be able to buy and sell assets obtained in the game, players must own LAND. All of the items on the official Nakamoto Games marketplace are priced in LAND, and so are the items in private stores built by users or gaming guilds. Participants must also stake LAND in order to vote on governance decisions that will guide the evolution of the ecosystem. Guild members will also use LAND to vote on governance matters within their guilds.

Naka will serve as the “premium currency” of the game. The NAKA token can be used to boost earning potential in the game. When defeating monsters, competing for territory, and acquiring NAKA, players will benefit more. This will provide them with a clear earning advantage in the game.


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